Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kruger now embelishing Randich car's worth LOL.

Larry is funny...he's like the guy who wants to prove loyalty a little too hard-ha.  He said today that Radnich drives a "$250,000" car.  Sure,a used 5,6, year old Bentley that's being leased?  I do believe that there are some truly wealthy Chinese businessman  who ARE driving near that price Bentley's,out the show room floor paid in cash. I've seen that.

 Radnich is like the Hummer and expensive Euro car people living in hum drum apartments- to -give -the- impression- of- status, they max out on leased cars.

Besides,when Radnich claims he's "A multimillionaire". LOL,Most of that is the value of having a home in SF.   So,he's one of about half million multi millionaires in the city...who shop at Costco- right Gare?