Thursday, March 31, 2016

Local sports media afraid to point out Curry's bad passing and dribbling skills..

As I pointed out- he touched the ball three times in a row,and turned it over not one or two,but three straight bad passes...all loop passes. He also has been picked quite a few times when he starts to do the "Ali shuffle" in front of an opposing NBA player- who are good enough to just reach in and take it,as Hayward did late fourth quarter.
Curry's best pass? a bouncer to Draymond Green. It was great passing 101. A bounce pass nobody but Green was going to get.
Its a flaw in Currys game that I can see why Kerr might not get on him about. But the media just ignore it? Fitzgerald makes excuses to the point even Barnett has to stand his ground and say "I didn't like it".
The written word? Only here. Where the NBA gets its Warrior scouting report.