Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More on my ideas of Manservant's KRON career.

"Look,you make me look good with my komedy sketches Brian,and I will use my pull to get you the steady weatherman here. I've been here 30 years you know".
Thus it never was to be. Poor gullible Brian.

I warn people at KRON all the time. They think that because he's got the Stockholm affect working on poor lonely Cathy and something's missing Pamela,Radnich will help them. Interns must swallow shit for him thinking its going to get them someplace.

I detect Joe Hues on KNBR is knowing what the now happy Kate Scott felt when she was unhappy Kate 9-12. I heard Kate today with Murphy and Macky...she was like a woman with weight off her shoulders. Radnich? He knows it and takes potshots of her and her tweets. The big heart guy-lol.
Sure,he will be on KRON until he can't do it my blog needs his dumbness...but Radnich? I got him down pat.