Thursday, March 31, 2016

My advice to KRON- spend some money on good camera's.The ones your people use are amateurish.

Kate Cagle did a lead off  story for KRON live. It was blurry.  What goes through the minds of KRON honcho's as they put on air what looks like you tube,2007 quality vids?.
Again- KPIX story's were crystal clear. KRON's not sharp and also seemed too dark. Nobody adjusts anything like a real photographer would do..
So,while you spend to add a 10 pm news...let go of the cash for some quality hardware. Try 4K even.
KPIX on the other hand does top notch work. Even Stanley Roberts camera isn't KPIX level. Its more 35mm film or something. Don't ask Gabe Slate,he don't know camera's...

Kate is the hottest talent KRON will ever luck into...and they do that?