Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Part 2: the cowed local sports media.

Would Diamond Leung or Rusty  have reported the Draymond Green tirade? NO. It took a young lady doing what her reporter instincts told her to do. Report a hot story. Nothing that made Green or Kerr or the Warrior org. look good. THAT is Rusty and the Diamond and rust would never do.

The Warriors are the second coming of the 71,72,73 Oakland A's...champs who never said die. Those A's teams regularly came from behind with dramatic wins.

Only,the local Sports media is still stuck in 1971 reporting. Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin were swell guys who never drank for example.

How about they write the Warriors might trade Green,sign Kevin Durant,make him a center and also trade Bogut to clear space?
Nah,they might hurt players feelings.