Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poor Erin..only going to get 6 mill after taxes? You nuts!

The tears from the media? How far from reality are they?  If Erin Andrews were Mexican, black,or Asian,she would get nothing but laughed at and given a "bad luck" send off. Because that's what happens to those woman who are not married to wealthy or famous.
Do you know how badly non celebrity woman are abused? tortured?...nobody gives a damn.

Yeah,it was bad for Erin to be stalked...he was caught and sent to prison. How the hotel is responsible I dont know. She's privileged and the world must do extra? I guess.

Hey- KRON stalked me. Where's the outrage? Maybe they filmed me through a window pissing in the bathroom.
I have sued people. And the double standard of what the victim looks like,income level,status is enormous. Lawyers cant say that enough.

Poor Erin. Only Six million dollars.