Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stan explains faster then light travel.

I read where scientists say "Its not even a real question because its not possible"  Well,if Einstein tried "You travel back in time"..then why not my version?

You,essentially die. As you break the speed of light as I thunk it,you are moving faster then any photons...they never reach you. That means the Universe turns black. It also means that the electrical signals of you're body also can never move from one point to another,hence for you- time ends. You are not truly dead,just dead as long as something is pushing you faster than light. And,you never know it.

NOW,What could push you faster than light? How about the dark energy that's expanding the Universe much faster than light as I type? Its an accepted scientific fact- not theory...Somehow in the future,science is able to puncture the fabric of space to free that energy behind yer rocket sled. See?...THAT'S what pushes you to the point that you possibly divide the Universe is half. Wild huh?
Like a balloon- that alternate Universe air- energy expanding now our faster then light engine.
Yeah,I got it figured all out.