Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stan on in the news..

North Korea claims it built a mini Atomic Warhead. LOL. North Korea's weapons are like the tanks and army that are built to fight Godzilla in old Japanese movies. Just models.

Chumley of Pawnshops a low life? Whoaaa!. Who have guessed that? They seem so honest and all american.

Oprah losing weight - again? Must have had band surgery done on her stomach. AGAIN. You believe her when she say she loses huge weight with will power? I dont. Why need that when you can afford the best diet surgeons?

The Denver Broncos must not read much. They are going to get a Qb that teammates point out wont do the homework to even learn the plays. Kap,got the money,the fame, and it went to his head and built a nest. The bird brain only - like Eddie Murphy's girl- wants to party ALL the time.