Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stanley Roberts leaves viewers hanging on Motorcycle chase..

He's doing a story on some mass enforcement week,and does the usual ticketed interviews. BUT!..one scene is he's in a patrol car behind - speaking of motorcycle punks- a motorcylist who gets the sirens and flashing lights. What does he do? He flees. Runs a red light.
What happens next? Nothing. Roberts ends the story with NO explanation...NO followup. I imagine they had the guys license plate number.

Is it now THAT easy to speed on a motorcycle? No tickets ever? I notice I rarely see one getting a ticket even when doing 80 in a 25mph zone.

Law enforcement needs a plan..a method to catch these new hyperbikes. I myself would make it illegal to have a bike that powerful. There is no need whatsoever for them.

I heard a few days ago they are trying to end lane splitting. That's a no brainer. Let them wait like the rest of us.

Some laws need to be put on the lawlessness.