Friday, March 4, 2016

Stan's blog Almost 125,000 views. Whoo hoo.

122,000+. Not exactly "Leave Britney Alone" hits,but pretty good for I was worried I would be banned or censored...but Google stuck by me.
I just don't qualify for that dime a view thing. Doesn't seem quite fair since 122,000 including all the local media and players and teams going over this blog seems as advertising worthy as "Sew who cares and knitting blog".
More of big business wasting my talents for me being me and way ahead of the curve. Story of my life.

Speaking of that-  I forgot to remind people that my blog around Super Bowl of who should be performing?  Carlos Santana made news saying the near identical same opinion a day later.
You ain't reading a chimp banging on a keyboard.