Monday, March 7, 2016

Steroids,Sexual harassment convince Manning 18 is enough. MMA hypocrites...

He might have squeezed another year or two...but answering questions of what he did at 21 and 38 just weren't the aggravation the multi, multi, millionaire had no interest in even addressing.
He did the 'roids...he probably did something stupid at 21. Unlike Rothlesberg,Manning didn't have 10 more years to make it all fade away while still playing. Manning made it fade in one day by retiring.

I heard the same sportshosts who talk in hushed tones at NFL concussions,today say they relax watching those kickfighters beat the shit out of each other with plenty of spilled blood.
Again- its horrible that NFL college grads are getting future senility and something must be done.

Its drool at poor,low income and uneducated fighters give each other concussions by the minute.

You can hear the smug sports hosts say "My kids will never sink that low".  Really? lets wait and see what level he sinks to. Then you get understanding.

Howard Stern learned what happens when you bombard your daughters with sex talk,and Caitlen Jenner is learning what happens when you try to mix conservative family values with sex identity rights.

Am I right?