Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tara VanDeveer likes Radnich because she either doesnt listen to his show...

AND never heard him yawn to Kate Scott about woman sports OR, she's a log cabin Republican and she and Radnich like to bash the poor to feel better about themselves.
Even Radnich knows he can say lies like he has a relationship with the coach - Yeah? when she ever been over for dinner?- and doesn't care that Kate Scott is steaming listening someplace.
The more desperate he gets....the bigger the lie. Diane Tuazon? Ohhhhhh,she's a com-plainer (use yer Radnich voice)..Really? Whats Brittney?

Today? Radnich watched his first woman's game of the year...made it sound like he's Mr.Woman's Basketball. Phony.