Thursday, March 10, 2016

Texans have a phrase for Radnich's car. "Fancy Junk".

Lol,made me laugh to read that. It's a few years,its just another used car that's too expensive to owners let them sit in the garage. Their value a fraction of what the final payments total shows.
I always get a kick out of old TV shows and "state of the art" kitchen,furniture..the stuff the rich would get filled with happiness showing off. Now,that stuff is either kitschy or at the dumps.

Hey,I like nice things, new things...and always know the day will come when the junk turns into "I don't want that!"
Somebody was once thrilled to own a Opel Mantra- brand new and paid thousands.

Did you see that car show-come to think of of it- that restored Mercede's flagship 1992 Benz..the ones for the uber wealthy,corporate CEO?...and they couldn't sell it. Finally they took 5 grand and shotgun for it-LOL!

Radnich? He's so smart he's renting his- and paying for repairs out of pocket. They saw him coming...