Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump slow to put down the KKK,and quotes-with poses- Mussolini. Scary.

Even conservative white men with black wives have to re think their admiration of Trump.

Trump won't beat Mrs.Clinton,but just the fact he's just percentages from running the country tells you the 2 percent don't alone think hate for their fellow American's getting help from the country they live in. Or,the perceived amount of  help.

I guess it never ends. Obama as a President who did a great job...didn't change a thing in the minds of conservatives. If he didn't,the rest of us better hope the majority are not for wild Fascist Presidents.

You know- Trump's Jones for woman with European accents? Fits his WW2 ideology.

Do conservatives want a man who is being sued for motivational courses passed as equal to college credit classes? Eek.

Trump..bankrupt three times,and born inheriting 200 million dollars. He's the affluenza kid grown up.