Sunday, March 13, 2016

Viceland tv channel.

I like tv channel better than cable network,etc,etc,etc.

Anyways,Its new,I be watching it for now. Its a hipster channel that tried to make fun of hipsters. You know like when the fat guys in a rap group of 4 white guys and one black guy,go into a Washington DC trendy "Soulfood" eatery and they notice the one brother in the band is the only dark skinned person in the whole place.
Mostly people JR. Stone would hang out with or fetch fer an interview. Skinny hot chicks.  The food was good..and when the owner said they were in GQ...Well,not hard to figure its not going to be cheap to eat in.
Its why Weber outdoor grills still are for the rest of us. Using charcoal..non of that gas stuff.

I will report on other things later as this is barely a month old channel. One demerit?  Its a Canadian production. Yeah,it does have a Canadian look at the us,USA. Expect more greed and shallow ignorant people examples.
But,no self deprecating zingers will be in any episodes on Canada I bet.
Hey,the whole world points to us as worst country...but they all wish they were us,USA.