Sunday, March 6, 2016

Warriors can't win if they don't try.

Once again- The Warriors ARE STEPH CURRY. if he has a lousy game?...Klay as we all have seen over the last 3 years,cannot fill in at will.  Bogut? Once again hurt himself with a pea under the mattress that made him sleep wrong.
No way the Leandro's the Barnes- who hasn't played well all season-or Draymond who saw what was going on and played reckless figuring he can't be blamed.
Too bad - because it undoes the great OKC,Warrior game in the standings.

You might blame Draymond in one way- Kerr was not going to chew the team out and it showed. Domino effect. Kerr held his temper,his T.O.'s and just watched the Lakers pretend they were Kings of the World.