Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What did I tell you about Niles Canyon? The ruining....

Now? An even bigger excuse to cut more tree's down in the official designated "Scenic drive".

Niles used to be so beautiful Charlie Chaplin made it a second Hollywood. Salmon spawned upstream.

Then,Alameda County began improving it...a two way road right down the middle...cutting down hundreds of tree's no doubt. Mostly old monarchs thriving in the deep soil and constant water supply.

The Railroads...put in tracks...more hundreds of tree's destroyed.

Then,it became a free camping spot,..more native vegetation trampled into dirt paths.
Right about then,the water temperatures began to rise...Salmon began to disappear.

So- in the 1990's. It was when Niles began to be cleaned up,Fishing and camping were banned. Fine.

THEN,in the 21st century,Some idiot engineer for cal trans took it upon himself to give the ok to widen the road...no public input,no environmental studies,he is a foreign born engineer no doubt used to the old country's way of do what you want engineering. Yes,I watched as Cal Trans began clear cutting Niles a few years ago-- again--more sun =hotter water.

To make that story short,that engineer and cal trans decided after public howling that maybe roads that had craters all over the state could use improvement- not paving over the "Scenic Drive".

It never ends..."Lets cut MORE tree's for a bike path!...as Niles looks more and more like thin stripes of tree's and a death trap for animals crossing the road to get to water.

NOW?  Tree's are bad for trains..CUT THEM DOWN.

I wish I could start a Save Niles Canyon drive. She truly needs one.