Sunday, March 20, 2016

What local Weatherman is the best arm wrassler?

Drew Tuma vs Bill Martin.  Bill looks like he could be coiled steel.  Drew not so much,maybe coiled noodles. Advantage Bill.

 Rosemary vs Ro. Ro has some guns. Advantage Ro. Plus,Rosemary being a mom is used to throwing games..after years of losing Chutes and ladders to her kids on purpose. She wants you to be happy.

 Deano (everybody loves somebody sometiiiiimes) vs Paulsen. Oof.  Paulsen is stocky...Deano seems like one of those "active lifestyle" types...close edge Deano. Hmm,Deano vs Martin? Made good comic movies with Jerry.

 Spencer Christian takes on Britteny. IF she wears low cut? He might be distracted. Advantage Britteny. Plus Spencer is old as dirt. Besides,Spencer likes his vino...
  Argen vs Glass. Two cool weather blonds go at each other. Glass has upper body mass advantage-wink,wink,Argen looks lean and mean. Julie,I think has the will to win. Advantage Glass.

Kari Hall vs Annie Hong. Kari might be soft fudge,Annie last I looked at her FB is a health a holic.
I say a draw. Both get tired and go have a Margarita with umbrella's in them.....