Monday, March 14, 2016

Whats Tim Lincecum up to?

Sitting around watching the movie "Clerks" and Jay and Silent Bob? You get me?

Lincecum is one of a kind..he ruined a true HOF pace without a scandal..just much of something ain't right with that boy.
Wiki's article on him gets crazy when it said that Lincecum felt too heavy and lost 30 pounds of fat by avoiding In n Out Burgers in 2011. I can't make that up.  He NEEDED to lose 30 pounds like Steph Curry needs to lose 30 pounds. Only,Curry doesn't have the emotional baggage to drive him to do that in a few months time.

The Giants have been pushing the "shush" factor on the local media hard. You don't see Tim Kawakami doing any exposes. You don't hear Damon Bruce point the wildly P.R. excuses out for Lincecums demise so soon.
Nobody wants to say anything. I - a body- do.

He twice lost huge amounts of weight..and with it went muscle and stamina. Its a wonder the Giants didn't just send him to rehab a couple of years. I think it was 2012 he pitched like a living skeleton. Larry Baer every day must wonder how close the Giants came to have a MLB star player drop dead in a game from heatstroke. That kid turned WHITE.

His weight loss- his disrespect to meet the President "Eh,I did it already dad".. Shows where his head mechanics- not pitching- have been way off for years now.

No,he never hurt anybody..but he hasn't been honest either.