Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where would Pro Sports be without African American's innovations?

The whole Goose Gossage thing I thought would bring up about African American players by sports hosts.
I mean,I remember when nobody spiked a football, nobody dunked a basketball,nobody ever pointed at the sky. Nobody did a backflip- and that's Goose's era-...I even think Hendu was the one to start the Bash Brothers forearm smack.
African Americans came up with the fist pump. They brought back from the Roman days,the chest fist pump and then added the jumping chest bump.

 Nobody in basketball grimaced before unless they tore a tendon-lol. African Americans came up with that after a basket- with some saying LeBron James looking more King Kong not so much,King LeBron. That never slowed it down. That brief attempt to demonize it got run over.
 I see woman basketball players do that...and stomp around.
Dancing?..nobody danced. Its scary to even think of young Jerry West trying to dance a groove.

Bat flip? Nobody ever slid head first...

 So,what the hell is Goose talking about?

High Five!..more African American culture.  I almost forgot that one.