Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why no NBA team can beat the Warriors.

NBA players are too selfish. You tell a starting guard in the NBA "Just hound Curry-that's it"..some will do it once,none would do it over a full series. "What am I ?" they ask themselves. They wont sacrifice for the team..Paul wont do it,Westbrook won't do it,Harden won't do it. If they did? Their teams might upset mighty GoldenCurry.

But they wont. One game? yeah,If pressured by the coach. After that,THEY want to beat Curry at being Curry.

Deladova?  I notice even HE starts to play loose,start shooting..even three's. Attempts. His vanity gets the best of him.

Maybe- THAT'S what Oscar Robinson meant when he said Curry couldn't do then what he does now. Players then followed orders. Now? everybody is a star. The paycheck says so.