Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Will, Will Tran replace Radnich?

A long range prediction. Will,as it turns out is funny,off the wall,and gets along with ethnic weather woman. He even as Sports Director goes to games,has fun doing it. He does a fine "Will's World".

The 49ers will regret not trading Kap as the 49ers flounder and he try's to freeze out the media with the now hostile "face of the franchise". Jed,offers the moon to David Shaw in 2017.

The Giants will find that Matt Cain no longer can throw strikes..that don't end up as HR's. He's a two strike miracle for MLB. 2 strikes- THEN he gives up the HR. 2 outs is his other specialty give ups. Still,its the every two year mark. You have to go with the blessing. What? are you blind?

The A's fire Melvin,then hire Washington. Its been the plan all along.

The Warriors will repeat. Little Luke Walton is named head coach of the Lakers or Knicks.

The Raiders will see Carr become injured as he's just too fragile as a starter. They of course have no backup to save the season. Just when they were on the edge of goodness. The Raiders play 2018 in Santa Clara just to get back at Oakland. "ABO"  anywhere but Oakland.