Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wowee- Heather and KRON near my home...

I could in four tries throw a stone to the school with the bully that tortures the middle eastern young girl.
Doesn't surprise me...I know this area. Its filled with Enid Espinoza's here,and Oakland refugee's there. Parents who left Oakland to get away from crime..and their teen children instead made a mini bad oakland. Punks.  Punks who think there are no consequences because their asshole friends tell them so. The subculture of stupid.
I  fight that everyday.
No,no bars on windows here,no homes abandoned..looks fairly normal. Real estate has gone way up. But the attitude is really fantasy world of vid games and hip hop talk.
The problem is...nobody speaks up,nobody wants to stand up. I stand and speak. But there are too many stupid in this world for me to fight all.

Neighbors are hoods is right.
You see? I never had to make up a thing...