Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wrong El Ray-O Ratto de Gordo...

His and the Tomster's opinion that Draymond Green is not selfish and not a POSSIBLE team cancer,is not backed with facts. Players who chew out the coaches...LaTrell,Monta, never made good teams better. Also,Draymond's 16T's over the whole season are more than a one game hissy fit.
His temper tantrums put the kabosh on Kerr's Laker game attitude. Kerr's failure to have nipped in the bud, "nip,nip,nip",as Barney Fife would say,the Warriors somnolent play can be traced back to Green,I say.
Kerr wasn't up to another blow up,and the Warriors lost a game they never should have lost and there is a reason.
I gave it to you.