Saturday, April 30, 2016

Viki returns to KRON. Frat boy JR Stone out on Saturdays...Try KNTV @8.

Thank god for small favors. JR Stone is held to Sundays only.
No way KRON ratings are holding up with hacks like Stone and some newbys.

KRON's Mad Magazine approach to news..with reporters who only wear the same green shirt (  Now I think I know why she was canned at her previous job in the great PNW) has worn me  down. I can hardly watch anymore for the joy of what to post. They always give me something. But is it worth the insults to my intelligence? IS IT??? TELL ME!! lol...

 KRON...the enabler Main Anchor of the Sports Director...too much cronyism lumped on that...
Yuck,for KRON 4.

Watch KNTV. Its reliable.

Stupid punks drive stupid cars.

Loud like cards in bicycle spokes- and WEE! they like to drive in circles! I cant think of anything more manly and mental challenging then to drive in circles over and over. SO much fun!!..look at me! look at me mommy!

Entertainment for the stupid.

Why did Prince kill the Indian parents in San Jose?

The sons mug looks dead up like 1982 Prince don't he?

He has the right attitude "Its prison,I don't expect a 5 star Hotel"   But,uh,he's unclear on the concept. "Its a life experience,if temporary". Temporary?.is 40 years to life temporary? He doesn't get it.

Uncanny how Matt Cain gives up the two strike, or two out, or both, hit.

Its his specialty. For years now. Nobody like him.

Walton to the LAKERS you read it HERE FIRST: A Stan exclusive.

YOU read it here- a month or two ago!  I said I predicted a sure Walton to the Knicks or Lakers.  HE sure did go didn't he?

Who in the sports media called that? ONLY ME.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Gary Radnich does constant "Tributes to himself".

NO shame in the man. Its all $$$$.  And judging by his comments,power. 

You know- his pushing that twitter thing must mean he gets paid by the follow. I don't see Vern or Dennis or Mark say a thing about twitter . They aren't social like Gary is.

Keba and Heather.

As Heather sat there looking striking in an elegant purple dress that showed a chilly studio...Keba had on her krazy blouse. Show up at yer 10 year old's friends birthday party, blouse.
It also looked like Keba was sitting on the floor. Height differential you might say. Well,I did say.

KRON 4's Brittney Shipp forgets her lines..and says "What was I supposed to say?".

Lodes had some human interest story last night..and said to Brittney "uh,what do you think Brittney?" so,it was like he was waiting for her to cut him off with the punchline...some pun and play on words.  Then she laughed as she said "Oh,what dumb joke was it?"..not an exact quote..but darn close.

And the point..raddy always brags they don't script things at KRON.


Lund and his Papa bear..

Family friendly? How about intelligence friendly for a change?  My suggestion.

Let me guess: After dealing with Kap,hearing him? Denver changed their minds. "Keep the sucker".

Reading between Elway's lines.. from perfect Peyton to imitation Ghetto Kap? (he grew up in a nice suburban home) they see a bad actor. Immature. Not a leader.
Who would pay millions for that?

Greg Papa to suck up to management for years to come .Poor bay area...

SO close to Greg Papa and so far from God.

Trump dumps...on Mexicans-lol

LOL,I told you!..he pulled out the card yesterday. Man,Like I see the future...

Why are latins good ad libbers?

I notice...Kris Sanchez.Rosemary Orosco,Marty Gonzolez, and a few others...never seem to be caught in the headlights when chit chat time is on. ALL roll with it.  What others fear? They embrace.

Must be growing up with hearing "Whats the chesmez?" all the time.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Goff a star NFL QB? nah. Not bad I hope.

He didn't tear up the Pac whatever. The odds are long for any QB.

Then again? Who thought that much of Aaron Rogers at Cal?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sick of this crap windy chilly weather.

I hate it. Bring me the warm. Bring me 80f and no more downer posts.

If you averaged the whole Earths temperatures- frozen poles to steamy hot nights in the south pacific,it comes to about 56f.   The bay area's average year would be S.F. low 60's, to S.J. high 60's.

We are way too close to average.

Getting back to Bastida. Gary Radnich is right. Ken is much better than Moore.

Well,maybe not much better...but more authoritative. As Gary Radnich said on KRON,Bastida and Ashely are one and two. I heard it.
Oh,I left out he then told her she's fourth best. Ooof,he's a tough critic.

How long before Trump brings up Mexicans?

I mean,when he's nominated and the polls show he's losing what ground he had to Hillary...You go with what got you where yer at. Bash Mexicans,bring up "walls" and mention Reagan.

He hasn't gone to Arizona to stump has he?  Ooooh,I'm LOOKING forward to that.

Its going to be amazing.

Greg Papa and Gary Radnich represent whats wrong with deregulation.

It was never done crossing over. Lon Simmons was Giants PBP.   That's it. He didn't do local news or host pre and post games. Same for Bill King.

Then media got big..and with deregulation the monopoly on what you will hear took completely over. Comcast and Cumulus just puts their biggest puppet into any socket they can screw him into..and YOU get screwed on whats really happening in sports and BIG sports business.

Its now got a hard grip on all info...even a local blogger as we all know got his mug on TV simply because he agreed to not publish ratings or offend Ted Griggs,Larry Baer.

There's a reason I'm blocked by censor loving big bizz,and Tim Kawakami (Mr Podcast -of the world!) SF Gate. Who told you about racist Lin jokes from ESPN? Who told you about Billy Beane wanting to get out of the GM side of baseball?..who told you how to defend Curry?..when the rest of the media said "No guarding him!" exactly what puppets would say.

You get truth about KRON here, ugly hair,clothes,about liars and thieves.

And you can only read it here because big business bought all the local media to ban,block and pretend I wasn't right while they were scratching their belly buttons and whistling in the dark.
Stan still see's.

Hamburger diet?..eesh.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is your life a living hell?

I notice,for all he's done,Radnich really has to avoid anyplace where he's known. Never goes to games because he listens to his "fans" unload on him. Its only mom's house and any relative. Then back home-lol.

Same for Prince..he was burnt out on not being able to be young Prince,Michael Jackson had almost 25 good years...then killed himself because of the living hell of being a boy lover.
You notice too? Living hell lives are in a circle they can't break..Drugs do the killing...the mindset of being sick of dealing with life is a living hell to them.

Getting old can be the cause. Sure,the kids are one reason to keep going...but you know they can do fine without you.

"Chyna" hell. Her star had faded..she had no place to go to get it back. Making news by most celebrities by the time they have sank to her now just embarrassment heaped on shame.

I keep reading of tortured souls. More money,like 300 million for example didn't change anything.

That Shakespeare guy really had it down about fate and being players in roles not wanted. Or roles wanted and now hated...then we get to Faustian...

Fast gut feeling? Keba,Mike and Heather isn't going to last long.

Mike is like the guy who has two chicks fighting over him...they need him. In this case,they probably want him to side to the left or to the right. So,Mike sits there with a smile. Orphans blown up? Mike is smiling.

Enough of Greg Papa- you ever heard of "Over exposure"?

The same guy that loves Papa to no end - loves Mike Savage,keep that in mind.

I'm tired of Papa's Warrior,Raider,Giant,talk show..c'mon lets break it up a little huh? Maybe some original opinion about the Raiders? Or somebody who's not a puppet for Larry Baer. Remember the story of how Papa got some woman to come to Giants games in costume?

His sense of humor is tolerable in low doses..but every way you turn its him on the air. I swear he's killed my interest in Warrior and Giants pre and post game. He's going to be a grade A apologist all the way down the line. Good for his bank account- lousy for REAL fans.

Like Radnich..soon the other guys are sounding like him,know their cue when to laugh. Funny has nothing to do with it..just be trained as to when.

He still swears Tim Lincecum has a Hamburger diet and that Mark Davis gets teary eyed at the idea of leaving Oakland...yes,all true Greg insists.


Murph and Mac laugh at Mike Tirico for thinking he's Italian.

I thought it was kind of racist- don't you?  Maybe not hard core..I've heard African Americans say "If you're skin is black,you are black".
Still, he says he is Italian.

Gary Radnich says Larry Kruger "sad" for wanting Kershaw hurt.

As usual,he says it not meaning "Larry" but "fans" out there who think like Larry admitted he did 10 minutes earlier.

Then again,Radnich says he hates people who haven't raised children as "selfish people"...then says how much he loves Pamela and Cathy...who never had children. Not even adopted. Or foster children. Selfish,selfish, woman.

Prince too- loser who never raised children or a family.

Those who work with Radnich? Make peace by considering the source.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I would bet on Johhny Manzeil as next on the death list..

He's spinning out on drugs and booze too. I bet he wasn't upset his two GF's were late for the movie...he was all hopped up on something when he snapped and beat them.
Sponsors are dropping him...there will be no colleges offering money under the pro team would waste time on somebody who cant be counted on..bad boy or not. Bad boy and talented and always ready to play ? You get a pass. He's only bad.
His signing money is being spent on woman,booze and gambling. The rest he's wasting...

Prince hadnt slept in a week says his bro in law. That aint will power.

So,we know pain pills don't keep you Prince is now combining powerful amphetamines WITH pain pills..and not eating.
He was plenty old enough to know what that was going to do. He didn't care.

I'm telling you- I can channel the talented and age celebrity's.   After being young and gorgeous and cutting edge hip leader...old man or woman and getting older offers nothing.

Maybe in his head he was going to do one more super tour..just burn out with inhuman effort. It then caught up to him in an elevator. Going up or down we will never know.

Speaking of BANG...they dropped Home and Garden on Saturdays..

My old newspaper woman must have forgot I stopped my subscription. I found- after weeks of no paper- the Saturday edition in the driveway. THIN!..ugly "Eastbay" title. No home and garden.
I guess you (the corporation) can save money wanting subscriptions to a non paper.

 Heck,I should do that. Send me money for a phantom paper. 7 days a week!

KNTV Kari smuggler.

Or,she's preggie?

Gary Radnich not in Monday.

Is it going to be every Monday? well,he ain't getting younger.  I just wish the "He's spending time with his family" reason wasn't used as the excuse. Its like he was recruited into the business. What do other Dads and Moms in sports do when not on air or at games?..with family. Yet,they never announce it righteously.

His wife also has skipped two Fridays in a row. Whats the excuse? You guessed it.

Without Steph? Warriors can't make any more dumb turnovers.

No more passing to invisible teammates, enough with dropping or dribbling the ball off yer foot. This is the biggest turnover greatest team ever.

Also,Ever since my Stan manifesto on how to defense the Warriors...teams have battered the guy,and you could see he hasn't been the same...shaking his head,head down...bad body language. Numbers dropped.

As I said too- when he gets hacked? No call. You couldn't breathe on Kobe.. 1/4 of Kobe's career points were off of bad calls and free throws that followed.

The Warriors are probably the best team that can win without its superstar player. But win it all?. uh,I hope so is the best most positive answer. uhuh.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince era...when was it?

If you go by Billboard 100,he started in 1980 with "I wanna be your lover"..and ended in 2004 with "Call my name"..I don't remember that song.

See,its like those Bob Dylan songs and albums that nobody knows a song on. Hardcore fans push them on the charts.

If you went by Prince songs we ALL remember? It starts in 1981 with "Controversy" and ends after the Purple Rains and Lets go Crazy,Little Red Corvette and 1999 songs with Raspberry Beret in 1986.
So,that's 30 years of no songs that are classic. He was 27 for that last song. 27 is the age that Cobain,Morrison,Joplin.Hendrix all died.   Prince you might say really died at 27.
Think about that.

Gary Radnich taking on Greg Papa Monday...who will win?

Papa with the other guy are the biggest ratings on THEGAMZ.95.7     Radnich the once dominant now trying to just slow his descent for as long as possible. Now head to head noon to one.
KNBR has the hardware- big station,strongest -by far- signal, biggest pro teams in the area.

I'm curious to see if any extra fireworks are in plan for that hour?

You notice any gambling guys paid adverts on KNBR anymore? They keep getting sent to prison makes them not reliable...

Is it time to dump on Buster Posey? 2hr,6 rbi? He used to do that in one game.

He's been invisible. Swings at outside eye like the old Posey. He's really obvious at guessing now. When he guesses wrong..a ball in the dirt gets a swing.
No patience..he's not working the pitching to get the odds in his favor..lots of first or second pitch swinging.
To me? He looks worn out in April. The Giants committed him to be a catcher..and he does not have the catchers body. I've said that since he was first born you might say.

You would think his Ole and missed tags of runners coming home would sort of make the point...

Warriors grind down Houston who falls apart...

I'm watching the game and Houston has dreams of winning...going on to beat the Warriors who have a trapped Curry..Then I put the Giants on for a while...come back and Houston is just standing there. Harden looks whipped...and the Warriors were cruising.
That's the difference between the good and the better teams. One just snaps in the head..and self destructs.

But we know one thing- the NBA is using the Stan defense on the Warriors and adding to that- hurt the guy too. I would have stuck to double teams and in his face...but Houston didn't mind if they hurt him. It got them one win when a sweep should have been easy for Golden State.

Kerr should have been all over the refs- a T or tossed out,the way the Rockets just blatantly grabbed and held Curry.  He just yelled that he did not agree.

Is Madonna next?

You know..she see's the great uproar the death of MJ and Prince caused..she can imagine- I'm sure- the headlines and the testimonials SHE would get...etc,etc,etc.
From what I read,she's been in a funk,drunk. Depressed over her son openly choosing her father to live his life with. Showing up at interviews sort of wasted.

Another who's best days were 30 years ago,her era ended 25 years ago. The early 90's were the last days of baby boomer youth.

Now? It married,kids,same old things and wait for dead to start......

Ain't enough alcohol or pills in the world to change that as MJ and Prince found out..they just cause it.

George Rask fills in at... KPIX?

I saw a reader wants to know where George is. All I can tell you is I saw him last week doing traffic early for...KPIX? I think it was. He actually looked brighter and clearer lit-so to speak- and that's why I think it was KPIX.
Meant to mention that last week.

Prince liked good food,nice people,fresh air. Not like you.

That pretty much sums up the difference between Prince and all of you. Oh,and he made good records when he was young.  Done.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I saw a Sikh in Fremont on a yellow bike.

Older,dignified looking man. Sort of like the most interesting man in the world...pedaling on a pale yellow kids bike. Stuck with me enough to post.

Curry should have played.

Then,it would be 3-0 Warriors...with two days off and Sunday would be a fourth win...then Curry gets more days off.
Instead,even if they win tomorrow..still need a fourth game win according to my math.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Steve Kerr is kind of a wimp huh? That last 2 minutes did not make him look good.

He doesn't stand up for anything. I don't see him having great success on any other team either. Lucked out to get the Curry's. aka Warriors.
Its why Walton is coveted by NY and others..

One more thought on the passing of Prince..

I would not doubt for a second that because Prince wanted badly to stay young looking,he would diet his weight down to below healthy...combine that with drugs that always are more potent on an empty stomach and you have...death.

Amy Winehouse- hadn't eaten while on her last drinking and drug binge...go back to several famous people..I  read Britteny Murphy had died...on an empty stomach.

Nothing I will read would surprise my why a mega star with money to play with all day, everyday...burnt out.

I quote Sharks head coach: Drone,drone,drone..drrrrroooneee,drrrrooone,drooooooooooooone,nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,nnnnn

Then it ended.

Does EVERYTHING about KRON have to be strange? Kate owns one green shirt.

You figure it out that she does half her stories in that same greenish shirt.  KRON is like a lost rudder ..drifting in a fog. The most simple professional behavior or norms ignored. I'm sure Kate wants to fit in on team weird.

And KRON pays for a consultant to say "Take yer prettiest face and make her wear a man shirt in green,all the time".   Eesh.

p.s.Funny,but in her twitter greenshirt. Saves it for kron...

As Stan said before,Klay cannot turn it on when Curry is not there..

Not only didn't he make a single 3 pointer,my jaw dropped when late in the final 2 minutes shot a 3 attempt without even looking at the rim..a touch shot. It never came close to being good. He scored during the game...but not when they REALLY needed it.

CURRY is the Warriors,the coach,the management,the owner. We go where Curry takes us. It ends when Curry ends. Not any amount of Lacob's money will make the team as good again.

Prince learned..its not the Opium that kills you,its the Tylenol mixed in it. Liver killer...

Painkillers don't kill as much as the acetaminophen put in it. IF Prince was guzzling 20 pills a day...that's like taking 20  500mg tablets of Tylenol,day after day after day...  That will poison you.

He should have been like Rush Limbaugh and taken Oxycontin...that is pure opiads. Other then being addicted to that powerful drug..your liver I think is safe.

Damn,I outlived Prince and Michael Jackson. I NEVER would have thought all those years ago. Reading Michael slept in a chamber of pure air...Prince was fussy about his diet and only healthy foods. I there I am eating KFC and burritos.
I guess not drinking or smoking really is good for you. I am living proof.

Kerr proved a poor coach in last two minutes?

Everything said "poorly coached"..bad calls,wrong players. On TV they wondered why Harden was not double teamed. On the Tommy show,he said it was a bad call to have Green catch the inbounds pass...that he then dribbled off his foot to kill any chance of a win. He did the same thing a few games ago.
Kerr was challenged..he failed this time.

Would Walton have lost?..I doubt it.

lol,Give the Wisconsin teacher a medal. ALL teachers should be able to do that.

They never show how the punk was talking back,not doing what he's told...challenging the teacher.
So now candyass world says "thats teeeeerrrible". Yeah? Live where those punks inhabit. THEN you will not be alarmed,just wish the teacher had also used pepper spray...

Now,I've seen everything. A Kawakami commercial for his podcast on Public TV.

As usual I was watching something informative and dealing with Earth sciences..and there before it starts, a photo of TK's big head and a Mercury sponsored commercial for his podcast.

PBS takes another step backwards.  Why not cigarette commercials next?

Two blonds running for president.

Is that a backlash or what?  Its like I wrote last year...this country has a history of one extreme to the other in presidency's. From Kennedy/ rightwing Ronnie, black Obama.
Whats more opposite to a black man named Obama then a right wing Europhile (woman) loving blond WASP?
History warns us.

Did Prince overdose?

Now,stories of why Walgreens was his favorite hangout.

Let me cut through all the bull. Prince,MJ,Robin Williams...all knew their day had passed. Prince knew he was never going to have a hit record ever again.   Their future was now all about the past...same songs,same roles.  MJ added his private evil desires guilt eating at him.  They do they just get tired of it all that they do things, knowing they are risking ending their lives,self destructive behavior. You can list plenty of lesser stars who have done the same.

Some are happy to repeat themselves forever. Chuck Berry might be one of the worst people in the world according to the story's. But he's going for a real sociopath,Chuck Berry just goes on singing Johnny B Good for another day.

Heck,someday's I get tired of doing this blog,tired of unending bad typing and spelling....

Gary Radnich KNBR show to move to 10am-1pm.

 Larry Kruger who doesn't mumble said so...

THAT,my friends fits what I've posted about his and Larry and Bob's show's being pure welfare feeding on the ratings of the Mac and Mutley and then later,Tommy show. If not for the Giants and Warriors the whole lot might have had the usual turnover every few years you see at other stations.

As a bonus: Yes,KRON is streamlining his sports segment. Not enough. The back and forth with Lodes is ..boring,makes no sense,time killing. It does let Radnich talk less. I guess that's what management wants.

Yes,Radnich for reasons only he knows,needs to DAILY tell Pamela he loves her.  She,pretends like it makes her day. I call it anything for ratings love....

Until, that is,he's having a bi polar day and NEEDS to tell her ON AIR,that she's phony,and a 2,3,4, tier anchor and that's all she will ever be.  That's not me reading into what he says..that's EXACTLY what he's told her on air.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Amber Yee wears purple jacket,Frank Sommerville purple tie and hanky, V de la Cruz Purple dress and lipstick! Alma Daetz,purple...

Its raining Purple with the local media.

When Madonna dies? Will they dress like virgins?

Update 4/22: Kris Sanchez in purple dress, Scott McGrew with purple striped tie. Azimeth Smith wore Purple yesterday. Gasia wearing purple.
Michelle Grieco in Purple dress,the new guy in purple striped tie.

No Roberta,no Julie Haener or Britt or Raddy or Mike in anything Purple. Just reporting. Nobody anchoring KNTV wore purple.

up-up-up-update. Julie Haener wore Purple last night (22nd).

Smashing Pumpkins frontman turns right winger. Supports Trump.

No surprise. I read it all the time. Liberal at 22, make it and wealthy at 42,turning conservative if not right wing.
Its like hate the police...until you own something and then you see the light when punks come around.

I get it Billy.

Hey, pretty soon you want to be the only guy on the island you get so sick and tired of compromise and interactions with those not like yourself,etc.

I hit the lotto? I go dead to the world!..funny that want some people want that for me now. Iron-eeee.

Without Curry,the best team ever is just 500 vs average NBA teams.

How many late game passes is Draymond going to drop? Wow- bonehead error...AGAIN.

Oh well...What were the Bulls without Jordan? Nothing. Pippen and Klay? a wash. After that,I don't even remember who they had-but Rodman later in his career- so they weren't full of HOF either.

Ripa and Strahan...why did she ever pick that dope?

Strahan's ego was always going to get in the way. He's convinced he's a ladies man. Add that he's dumb as a log...what did she think?
Its must have been Billy Beane sabermetrics type stats that convinced her. See how that makes everybody happy?

KRON'S Pam Moore wears purple outfit on the night of Prince's death.

Just reporting.
update: Kate Cagle wore a purple shirt.
up up date: Britt wore black and white.
Radnich? He don't care about anybody. 

A song in tribute to Prince...

An oldie and sad. No doubt like me grew up hearing this...
I would bet Prince would say "cool song". He is of the day. He would understand....

Giant pitching every bit as bad as the nightmares said.

Hitting has already fell into "whats the use,the pitchers will cough up whatever lead we have".  Peavey and Cain pray for rain- so their starts can be skipped. Bumgarner? His pact with the devil  expired. Now he's a dumb bumkin from Pumkin Crick. Vote for Trump he says. oh boy.

Cueto is our savior from sinking into the abyss.

Prince advances into the infinity...

I guess its true and final now.  He's one of those you thought would be another to outlive myself by decades.

Sharon Stone,another I remember as being the same age. She's good for decades more...the woman usually are.

Outliving the biggest stars of the 80's and of the same age. I never thought that would happen or those days would really come so fast when it did. Not a good feeling. Not at all...

wow- Another my age star dies- Prince.

Prince,Michael Jackson,Madonna..all my age. Ellen,Peter of the Brady Bunch,Drew Cary,Michelle Pfeiffer, all seven degree's of Kevin Bacon...and half of REM. Donny Osmond.

Most of those my age who have died...died from drugs or drinking. Maybe a car wreck.

And if Prince is still alive? what a hilarious post this will be soon. Hilarious. Prince dead of old age- what a laugh. Can't be.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You would have thought the first non white currency would have been an American Indian.

Not that beaten and sold and chained was easy might be better than being left out in the country to die of sickness with no help from modern civilization. Slaves? they might help. American Indian bodys lined the grasslands for decades. Just think,American Indians had to drink water contaminated by city excrement,and then die of dysentery.

Also,who got here first would be point no 2 for the American Indian. Should matter.

You know- its not like ALL people of color couldn't have replaced historical figures who it turns out did not do as much for their country and the world as those who came later. An Einstein nickel would be cool..with the flip side being Geronimo.
Carlos Santana silver dollar.

We still have schools named after Lord Alfred Tennyson. huh? To the victors go bragging rights and their version of history.

Another great day in the bay.

The weather is PERFECT. Warm,not too warm,and nice nights for sleeping. Makes all the old memories flow back. Dang,I want to lay on my back on a lawn and flick those little white flowers up to the puffy clouds in a blue sky. Think about all my life ahead of me...

Radnich said "He's dropping Monday on KNBR,looking forward to sleep".

He always mumbles when he hates to admit something. So,I didn't catch if its just this Monday,or every Monday. I would think its just this Monday..I mean when football season starts, Monday is just about the worst day to drop.
Still,Rounding third ma...'s unending tribute to some long forgotten basketball player is ridiculous...

Then,they trashed Tim Lincecum.  State HS champ,Winningest pitcher in  Wash State history,2 No hitters in MLB,3 time World Series Champion.  ..and they dumped on him.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Khalliif has no trouble drinking and driving..

He's only been caught twice in ten years. Damn good average. Yep,he shows that he's not like everybody else. People forget his other 500 times he's driven drunk and made it home. See? Proof. He's a winner...Hic.

You notice the local media wont credit me for Walton to the Knicks?

That was my idea..and don't see any accreditation by the media of who first postulated,predicted and posted the facts. Yours truly.

Then again BASG won't even admit I caught the Jeremy Lin racist jokes of ESPN and posted it first on his blog.
So,you tell me why I shouldn't consider the local sports media total shills? TELL ME!

On the other hand,they as part of my 400-600 views per day, are my regular readers. I know it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sports director of KRON skips both homes games so far.

ohhhh,traffic! Even though he gets in for free.

What he does? Direct others to do his job.

Media General must be incredibly desperate for talent. Scraping bottom.

Curry wont play? Fine. If it hurts THAT much,of course.

I mean,if he's too hurt to play,then don't play him. But to be all drama queen and go Kruger with "DON'T PLAY HIM!" without knowing if the doc says no...Its the pro's,not Health Club.

Warrior fans the most civilized in the bay area?

Of all the stadium instances in local pro sports (not including club sport NHL) I think the Warriors have been most drama free. The A's are next..but didnt they some parking lot problem a couple of years ago?

Giants are only better then worst SF 49ers.  I think San Francisco teams are the top choice of violent alcoholics.

Maybe all pro teams should ban brothers from attending events huh? lol,its always pairs of drunken brothers who want to fight through double vision drunken eyes anything in blurry sight.

It would be even better if only total strangers were let chance of mini gangs.

How Houston can win..HAHAHAHAH...HAHAHA...HA...ha.

If they triple team Curry,and Howard and Harden get red hot..then can maybe score one more point then the Warriors. RED HOT.
C'mon they are in the NBA..a chance huh?

Larry Kruger gets Asinine.

First he came up with the ca-razy answer to Radnich "Would you turn down a head coach and 5x (or more) pay or stay an assistant with the Warriors?"  "I would stay" sez Krugee...and "He can wait till he's 40 for another chance"...ugh. Cant tell you more on that as I zoned out at Kruger who hustled to get his jobs telling listeners he would turn down be your own boss, for millions. Is he insane also?

THEN  Kruger went on how he "Would sit Curry tonight".. Kruger is a regular singing nun. Its playoffs,you go for the kill asap. Not play with your food, time. It money time.

Where does Kruger form these irrational thoughts? -lol. Hmm, the Kruger family hopes it skips a generation...cause it smacked Larry upside his head.

Calls of mine coming true- or true right now.

I'm sure you all remember on RL415 blog two years ago he INSISTED Fox would never fool with a winning formula on KTVU.  You also CLEARLY remember I said "FOX did not buy 2 to stay liberal..they will soon make it another FOX news bay area".  Bada- bing,Home run,Grandslam, I am right.

Luke Walton -- you read it here first and only here- I said was going to NY or LA.  And thus it is in motion.
Tim didn't say that,Monty,Ann,Bruce or D.Bruce or Raddy...well, ONLY ME.  Once again,I lead the pack.
Not bragging.wink..just say'in...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

What did Ray Fosse do to get on the bad side of Billy Beane-O?

If any A's voice gets wouldn't start with Ray. While the Dodgers treat Vin Scully with respect,Billy Beane gets his carpet cleaner or dog walkers to do A's color.
Ray had to have said something truthful one day that Beane couldn't handle. Does A's pub. dept. have any gripes about Ray? No? Doesn't Ray represent when the A's did things right? Ohhhh,maybe THAT'S it.
Beane is the micro-manager at any level. This is what he wants.

I don't.

Why does baseball allow players to get fat?

Baseball is strange..the only sport where the playing fields are not standard...a few feet more here,shorter fence there and even an arcane brick wall.  Then,you have multimillionaire players show up all over  baseball with fat guts. "Country breakfast" might beat out a ground ball if he ate wheat bread and granola in milk instead of 'cakes,bacon,eggs and hash.
You would think teams would tell players in the offseason- lose that weight,or even,add some muscle.

Amazing how baseball sticks to beer league thinking.

Or,to put it another way? I'm in baseball condition. Scary huh?

Axel Rose joins AC/DC for tour. NWA back for last attitude...

I get it..I get whats going on with NWA and the going on tours. NOW,we are talking my age rockers. Its their last shot at staying young. Feeling today with their classic songs. Why not Axel in AC/DC? Hell, why not Slash making up with Rose?  Dave Grohl just might find a Cobain one day to do a tour.
Nobody cares if a 60's group reunites or even 70's...but that last era of babyboomer music?
Give it a huge sendoff.

KRON'S stupid level goes up. Praises senseless killing of Thresher shark. Includes bloodied photos of animal.

It was like a step backwards in time..a dork in horn rimmed glasses getting his mug on TV for killing a large magnificent animal.

Who among KRON's new producers are so Republican ignorant as to make that news worthy? Shame on Marty Gonzales to even agree to read that trash journalism.

KRON wonders why its the laughing stock of local news? I tell them why all the time. They don't learn is a clue why they are in last place.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

How do you knock a beautiful day near the bay and 80f? You dont,you enjoy.

Sun,windows rolled down,away from the maddening crowd for awhile. Ice tea,Nutty Ice Cream Cones.   Basketball,Baseball, and having a 5 year old tell you "Look at those turtles!"..ah,they were snails revealed when I moved a potted plant. C'mon- you know that was cute.
Nice day. I approve.

Houston agenda worked- injure Curry.

Well,it wasn't what Houston was worried about was it? Injuring Curry? Nah,play with abandon and IF he happened to get hurt directly or indirectly....mission accomplished.

Van Gundy on Bogut "He's hobbling I'm SURE he'll play through it"..master of dripping sarcasm.

Van Gundy does not admire Andrew.

IMFC World Leaders meet. All men and one woman in a short skirt.

Figures that among the sea of balding heads...the one woman is younger and attractive.
Hey,that's progress!. 50 years ago she would have been old and ugly.

Bochy playing fast and loose with the Giant season... did he make the majors?

Curry has his loop passes- never learns, and Bochy has his "stick too long with the wrong guy or arm".
Keep in mind the ultimate results I guess.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Oh boy,KRON camera work. Britteny on live at Oak Col. Only 10 feet behind her the camera is focusing.

No,viewers don't noticed things like that. A blurry Britt smile? Hardly notice. Who's the camera man?

KRON needs a new teleprompter writer..Pamela does Ron Burgundy.

Maybe because Radnich and Lodes don't read exactly whats written,the probable intern teleprompter kid gets lazy and cuts corners. You can actually read sometimes whats written live on air-the teleprompter being prominent between the two desks so...I do.  And yeah, its near tweet language.

Pamela is most likely to read whats written for her..and she gets burned. Gary Radnich garbles his own thoughts..but I've noticed he's been hung out to dry a couple of times the last few days. Including an intro that lasted with a minute of dead air. You could hear them saying your on...but he wasn't. At least Radnich held on until he WAS on air.

Cheryl Jennings returns to put a bounce in Dan's step.

I could hear ch7 news...but I wasn't watching. Dan sounded perky I thought...I go into the room,Cheryl is back. No wonder.
Its like ch7 needs to invent a new hour for them two. They are like glove and hand. Dan and Anna? Like OJ's glove and hand....

KRON putting more boundaries on Gary Radnich.

His free form stream of consciousness for whatever mood he's in? Streamlined. I think my report of his last strange angry attack on Pamela Moore was a case of what happens when he's allowed free reign. Hence,KRON has put time and boundary limits.

Does anybody at TMZ besides Harvey Levin get paid enough to buy a home?

Just based on the show's income. Not partners.  Anybody on air? The show promotes that it has a large staff...but can anybody buy a home in L.A?...while Harvey must make a million or two easy- not even including Peoples court stuff.
Just wondering when I see so many bright eyed and bushy tailed people hustling to get the celeb news.

Michelle Grieco shows chest skin. Frank must wonder where was that when he needed it?

Some spicy red dress today. She's another with smooth creamy chest. She should flaunt it now while she gots it.

In SF,and that low UV? best youthful skin possible for aging woman.  FLAUNT!

Sam Brock wants to get involved with a "La Nina".. he says it sounds "enticing"-lol.

Eh,I dont think Sam took Spanish lessons. Or,his favorite singer is Gary Puckett. "Young girl my love for you is waaaaaay out of're just toooo young giiirlll"...

Sam added as he freaked Laura Garcia out with "What? an Exotic young woman?"...Human Resources!!!!

ok- To give the kid a break,I'm sure he was thinking young woman Spanish Flamenco dancer stomping in her heels and covered with veils. Right Sam?

Man with KRON's "4" tatooed on his face arrested.Born loser.

Oh,I kid KRON.  But! it does look like the kron logo don't it?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

RL 415 Media doesnt want Reggie to be gay.

What a fucking hypocrite.  I bet Reggie doesn't want 425 to be fat. Maybe he's the JR Stone of the same team. Without insulting Mr.Universe.

Yeah,KGO is so upset...not only is "the tweet" still there,old Reg is talking about his partner and other get a clue about me, things.


Sportwriters/Hosts do every variation of who's the Warriors glue. Morons.

There is only ONE.  Its not Draymond Green, Papa man. Its not Bogut,its not Klay...the Warriors are Curry.  Not Lacob,not West or Meyers.  Its all Curry.  Only one player on that team could go down and that would make the Warriors another team going nowhere. Curry.

Lacob and West and Meyers could die from eating poison Fugu tonight..and the Warriors dont miss a beat. Its all about the Curry.

They might need to think of things to fill columns to kill time..and its just worthless fluff.

 Put Curry on OKC..OKC is champion.  Same for Cleveland.  San Antonio. Name another good NBA team...Curry makes them a championship level team. NO other Warrior would make that difference for any NBA team. Put Curry on Houston- H town beats G.S.

Its Curry..and other Warriors better not forget it. It ain't Kerr as we know that's 73-9.

Its Curry.

Bochy's first blown series. Stays too long with weak armed pitchers.

It was like the Giants are saving pitchers for the WS next week. Bochy just let Peavey and Weston get hammered until both games were sacrificed. He ain't perfect- and Bochy's weak link over the years has been to let pitchers who struggle just go on until the game is out of reach.

Once Bruce decides he's not trying to win- but save arms? He should just do what they do in Chess...walk up to the Ump and tell the bum "We resign" like real gentlemen.Then,everybody goes home.

Dr.sez: Kozimor's chest pains cause by too much kissing Ted Griggs toes.

All that time on his chest on the carpet .
I'm so mean....bad Stan....

Jake Peavey " At least Im not hurt like last year"...explaining bad pitching.

Gee,that makes me feel better. This is his "healthy" pitching?   Ok....

I didnt watch one second of Kobes last game. Not one.

I haven't heard Radnich back up what he had been boasting about..he was going to watch the Laker game.
Sure,it was stupid...but its what he said he was going to do.

Hunter Pence age 33? Already?

I remember clear as a bell when as a rookie with the Astros, Kruke and Kipe would kind of laugh at the kid "With too much caffeine"..or  "He really gets a good look"..talking about his wide open eyes.
They also said he was the Astro's best hitter as a rookie. A great prospect.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Radnich doesnt wear Warrior blue. He did wear Black. To honor his funeral?

Celebrate? I guess.

Radnich still wont say "Britteny".

He said Pam,he said brownoser Grant. He said "The weather woman".
He's got a big heart.. huge!

Trump looks like a guy about to have a cardiac soon.

He does.

Jake Peavey- the 2015 Tim Lincecum.

89mph fastball..maybe a tad better than Lincecums all time low 84 mph fastball. That was L.L W.S. level. 12 year old's from 40 feet could throw that. Peavy also throws it high. TNT pitches.

Peavey only flickered last year..this year,he's running on empty. He's the one big mistake. Good thing its early...he can be yanked or the Giants can work a deal asap.

'Cause the great Giant hitting still can't make a winner of 2016 Jake. They will never be able to score enough.

Colorado should stay crappy as long as they play songs of "The Outfield"

That voice sounds like John Lund's. Making me see Papa in pigtails and red and white checkered dress cheering for his Johnny. hell song....

JR Stone at the Warrior game??? Wait for him to find the hot drunk chick!

 Maybe nothing live involving JR and the public huh? wink- wink.  Fuck yeah!

Hunter Pence,reincarnated from the 1920's. Listen Ma,he hit one of those home runs!...the radio man says so.

That's what Pence looks like...his whole 1920-30's. Runs like one of those old players who shuffle fast around the bases...swings his arms like the worst sprinter in history.

He really should have those baggy uniforms..I would pay a fortune to see Pence wear a fat glove ( I had some of those as kid from the thrift store) And catch the ball with a mitt barely bigger than his hand.

Yep - when he goes to the Field of Dreams in the sky...those old timers will watch him and say "Didn't anything change?"

Charlie Browns friend Pigpen arrested for heist.

How they did they catch him? He shed DNA everyplace!..sheesh,do I have to explain everything? U ever watch C.S.I.?

BTW, Charlie is suing Lucy for medical malpractice causing physical and emotional harm-ruptured disc and PTSD due to pulling the football away.   He can't get over it.  "I know she will do it to me again next year too- that b****!" says plaintiff.

Hey,I was going to go blue...but its Peanuts. Some things are sacred.

Murph and Mac... March rating: 8.4 Holy Shhhhh...

KNBR for March...  When you consider the drag 9am-3pm has that tells you that Murphy and Macky and Tommy are drawing huge ratings of happy Giant and Warrior fans,while Raddy and Bob continue to be the Oakland A's of KNBR...welfare recipients living off the success of the pro teams and other KNBR show hosts. Oh well,At least Raddy has one loyal listener. Silver lining.
That's just the facts.

Gary Radnich to watch Kobe's last game over Warriors best NBA season ever.

Who knew he loved Kobe so much? The man who never goes to games now has such deep admiration for the Los Angeles man?
Radnich- plays that contrarian card because he's convinced its money in the bank...Does it make him look like a stupid man? Yes.

Stan Blog EXCLUSIVE: Jim Kozimor in hospital "chest pains".

Ted Griggs is going to be angry- Koz the company man using socialist medical leave and insurance to take time off.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stan Blog EXCLUSIVE: Lawrence Karnow to replace whats his name at KRON....

The 18 year vet of KPIX is now working for the comp!...He also it seems has been agreeable to do shtick with the Sports Director who doesn't care about sports.

America might need to "gentrify" whole citys..Islands...States!

I wouldn't miss the thugs,I wouldn't miss the drive in circles crowd or the parents that allow their kids to have suped up cars while FAILING in High School.
I felt embarrassed for Mexican Americans everywhere when I saw a news report of cars driving around in circles while some idiot waved the Mexican Flag..and a big one.. in the background.  No, I don't think Mexican Americans who have picked up knowledge in the long road of life have anything in common with large spoiled 10 year olds.

If their is ever a mass march of people who are against thuggery- I'm in. Yeah a "Critical Mass" of  thousands riding bikes opposing the stupid?  Go for it. Make that a regular event.

Stan on Bob.

I missed the original of what set him off..but I heard the JO live.  So,I see the replay. IS THAT what set him off?  Two young girls waving little sponge sticks?
Look,Radnich gives Bob excuses...but since when hasn't he been that way?

Funny it usually take some young punk who thinks he's a lion to set me off. Bob? Two girls having fun in the stands.
Now,who's the weird one?

ps- Its the whole "no accountability" thing with Bob,Radnich,Papa,Lund.  The first three have starved off any real bay area media new talent in how many sports now? Big Business loves the puppets. All three and Hammer would send people to the ovens in another day.

Bulls? Maybe the Milwaukee Bucks with Kareem,Robertson and Dandridge would beat them all.

I wonder how people forget the power of Kareem? The sky hook was never blocked. Seeing what a 7'+ young Kareem could do vs the Warriors.. The Bucks did beat that great Laker team of West,Chamberlain and Goodrich.
Kareem was a taller, better Duncan. He won in Milwaukee- won in Los Angeles. Connect the dots.

I think Kareem was the best player in the history of the NBA...score,rebound,play defense ferociously.
Boston's ten in a row in the 50's- 60's? yeah,CYO level compared to the 70's-today. I laugh. Cousy...

I'm embarrassed for local sports talk- especially the older ones who talk about Jordon and Curry only. Kareem is part of the holy trio at least. As I said,I think he was the best of all. Jordon could guard a   man- Kareem guarded all five. You had to see him then.

Radnich right about one thing- He,Larry vs Ted IS interesting.

The professional if not personal contempt they have over sports (and KNBR labor laws) is ear catchy.
As I also have a PH.D in reading body language, its for a few minutes a day I wish the show was simulcast-lol. I could just see Ted giving Kruger the stink eye today when Larry "playfully" tried to cut off Ramy in the middle of a Ted commercial reading today. Oooh,somebody was trying to get under somebody's skin.

MMA fighter dies of head injuries.

I have to wonder..why the concern of the violence of football- with helmets- and why poor fighters world over get their brains beaten out everyday?
You know the answer. Hell,it took until NFL players became paid like CEO's of Facebook before any interest in them started.
MMA,Boxing,WWXXXTT or what ever is the new sport-" Fighting with HIV!" long as poor boys and girls are involved no concussion study's will ever be done.

Hate to get serious,but Radnich on Koby's rape case is scary.

He started to defend Kobe and- was quickly muffled down and the subject was changed by Kruger.
Radnich gets way out there on the famous. He insists all those little boys lied about Michael Jackson. That was a really strange stand.
He also you might remember was defending Donald Sterling as set up...until that sank like a rock,and he then saw it public that is.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Meredith Williams PH.D of California toxic substances control, has a smooth creamy chest.

Its a 10. Somebody had to say it and only I had the guts. Or,had something....

Why hasn't Warrior coach Kerr said " We are better then the old Bulls"? Or,"Oscar Robertson is wrong"..or..

Seems interesting that the media hasn't pressed Kerr to tell us the difference. Wouldn't he know?  Curry or Jordan? Pippen or Klay?  Kerr vs Mo?
Sports world wimps galore!

Cal assistant basketball coach and Seinfield's Kramer- seperated at birth?

Both sure got in hot water too....

Lets see,the local media like Papa see's a fat Panda- but he was blind to a bony Lincecum. Hmm...

That's what gets me...the fear to tell the truth by those in favor with the Giants as compared to Panda man who probably wondered when he was here,why that great Papa and media eyesight was blind to Lincecum's bones protruding.
Of course NOW they are kicking Lincecum around on KNBR.  But where was it when he NEEDED to be outed as having some emotional eating disorder problem? Or,drug addiction.

But Pablo Sandoval? stay away from the table has been every year. Like he gives the media 20/20 vision.
Its clearly been unfair to me.

Britteny Shipp and Jayne Kennedy- seperated at birth?

Took me a while,but It came to me. Same high cheekbone smile. Yeah,nailed that.   Only,Jayne who was all over the sports on TV in the 80' now 64 and retired. Never hear anything from her anymore huh?

Britteny has the Weather Beyonce thing going too herself.

Why hasn't another channel hired Tuazon? The weather Beyonce.

Wow- the interest and following she has is way past what I would have guessed. Jackie,have a nice time. No outpouring of anger.
Just wondering if its all a popularity contest,then how come she the most popular,... was kicked out?

Dont invite Gary Radnich and Larry Kruger to Ted Ramys birthday party.

I bet the differences in how they think KNBR should worlds apart.  Ramy,like what they need to do around Radnich- then split like a banana asap.

Gary won't show for Ted's birthday party no doubt also.

Kenny Choi needs to loosten up.

I need to coach him. Help him get off to a good start.  Ken? Think Margaritaville,think Grateful Dead. Think Bob Marley.  Smile.  Laid back goes a long way in the bay area. Sure Frank over at 2 has the voice..but he knows not to get uptight. Dan at 7? Has a band.
You might think I'm-a-kidding-Kenny,but you really can't get too laid back for the bay area-BUT with a sense of humor. I can only advise the newbys. Its up to them to use it. He and Michelle look like a real work in progress.

After all,your promotion is getting rare these days for some reason. Blame Trumpioids.

Hey you know-- dump those accountant eye frames man. Maybe the 'do could use some less ethnic cookie cutter look. One of the crowd. Try something different. Dan Ashely does..all the time.

Speaking of Asian's being Asian host being hired on radio either. No live 105 or KGO or...

The way it usually is..when a TV personality is out of TV..they go to radio sometimes.  All I hear being hired are the usual. The connected who are NOT Asian or Latino.  Like the bay area is New York,northeast...North Dakota.  All places that slam doors to those sometimes even living there.

I just think that about a year after the OTHER blog complained about Asian's and blacks-(boy he changed his tune on BLACK WOMAN just like that) being hired to the detriment of the usual cry baby's in power....and the racist posts of his readers, we see that long slow build up of Asian faces on TV,now start to disappear. He has his finger on the pulse of racist I guess.

Latinos? Oh man,like they have NO inside power in media. No Latino world conspiracy theory's to dominate media- lol.  They wish!

Bob Fitzgerald always says Jerk Off. What's new about that?

I wrote about that 3-4 years ago. Bob for some reason loves to say jerk off.  Mike the producer? called him a jerk off. Listeners ? J.O.'s. I thought KNBR put an end to that. Since I hardly listen to the show but for the end of 9-12...I guess they didn't.
Bob Fitzgerald just didn't start being obnoxious..he's always been that way. Who doesn't know that? Like I said before- hell,he's proud of it.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

60 Minutes cant find any young beautiful American woman to host?

Laura Logan English..ok. One.  Now after Logan's fall,Holly Williams who's Aussie.   Why? 60 Minutes is American.  Kate Cagle can do a Holly without sounding like Alice in Wonderland.

Holly Williams? Suzanne Saunders 1980.

Warrior Greyhounds outlast Spur Rottweilers. Curry gets open and touchy with the ball.

He was channeling Pistol Pete Maravich in the mid thirdquarter to the end of the game...its a wonder he didn't roll the ball down court to an open man..or pass between the legs (I really miss that one) while RUNNING.  Anyway's Curry is great- I was all for drafting him when Kawakami and the local media did the "he's so skinny"..or - yuck,"We have Monta"..BS.
One thing that gets me? Even as Fitzgerald was naming the unsung heroes...he left out Mo!   Mo was huge!..he was not being pushed around..he shoots like a guard ever since he joined the Warriors.
 Kerr is one hell of a shooting coach.

C'mon Mo is not dung,he's unsung. Start singing Fitz.

And I want to see Curry running down the court and pass between the legs. Or the one where he pushes it between the legs of the guy guarding him..and runs around for a layup. A request.

PS, Do all the media read my blog of insights? Bob called Curry "A Wizard" after that terrific layup.
I rest my case.

When Giants bludgeon Dodger? Life is good. A's win again? better...

Warriors play so sloppy handling the ball..but they win. All three teams making local sport a relief. Skip anything hosted by Papa...better.

FOX and KRON part of the bay area "Asian Anchor" purge.

John Susaki is the latest. Add Alan Wang. Diane Tuazon,Michell Apon,Heather Ishimaru and more. Plus demotions to others as also rans,like Kristin.
I see a trend.

ps. Alan fired for being against diseases, Anny Hong's puncher still working.

A trend. A backlash.

Hey what did you think of the tacky statues around Billy Beanes pool?

I meant to post this last around to it.  So you think money will give you taste? Buy a Rolls?
Then look to the hideous Beverly Hillbilly's decor around Beane's pool in hot dry Danville.

Also--its fit for a Giant ego with bad taste.

He spent a fortune for that see-ment pond to look reeeel good.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Curry sloppy with ball..not shooting well...Warriors on edge of Greatness.

Curry really has his daubers down....he's just not paying attention to where he's at on the court. His three point shot doesn't have the high arc it did the last two years...its an arc..but not that beauty rainbow he usually puts up.
He even missed a 65 foot end of quarter shot..never even hit the rim-hee. Not his standards.

Tiger Woods "Cant handle shit talked about him " says Kid Rock.

It always seemed like being called Tiger sort of  didn't fit I thought.  He wanted to be a playboy nerd, and used every bit of his fame and money to be it.
So anyways, Rock says he hung out with Woods once and Tiger was like all ptsd from the way Kid Rock described the meeting. Like he wanted to just walk away and hide.
He's been doing that.

I guess it wont be long until he's another Howard Hughes.

I saw a squirrel and two ducks on the side of the road.

Man,its great to get out to nature. It was funny to see a pair of Mallards in a roadside ditch pond...smaller then your goldfish pond as cars wizzed by.  I had to hit the breaks also when some Scrub Jays were taking there time eating something crushed on the road- acorns?

65f and with windows cracked down a bit. Green California. Nice.

I also hate when KRON shows animals killed for sport. Ditto Yahoo homepage.

Its so backwards in this day and age and for this enlightened bay area.

If anything? It should be to shame and wording of outrage for the death of a 150 year old Alligator or big Great White.

Dylan Hernandez,Dodgers beat writer says "The right call Dave" LOL..they mean it too..LOL!!

"Its a business sez Hernandez"..LOL..yeah and winning with a no hitter is (or would have been-lol) GREAT for Business!!

LA media might be worse then ours!..not a peep or mention how cool it was,he's young and as strong as he's going to be the rest of his life.

I tell ya,Sports media is a clown show.

When Baseball embraces cliches? stupidity follows 100 pitches-LOL.

LOL is what conservative old timers would do with the idea of taking out a pitcher who's in his 20's and healthy and has a no -hitter in the 8th inning. Now? The modern conservative manager world over takes out every pitcher at 100 pitches.
Yeah,he had "Tommy John". So what? If he's healthy enough to start a MLB game and throw 100 pitches..its going to blow his arm with 115 ? LOL,lol. Its amazing to see baseball and sports so glued to dogma. It took decades to get that 100 pitch idea into managers head. Now? They act like its the word from God.
It was 100 pitches at ATT in April,at night. Pretty much cruising along,then Roberts came running out of the dugout like it was a medical emergency!.hee-hee-hee. What show he put on of concern.

Dave Roberts proved he is not a boat rocker. Just has rocks in his head.

The saving grace of knowing the name Kanya West?

Is that also in my mind is Barack Obama calling him "A fool". Some good came of it.

Giants- another once or twice in a lifetime team.

The A's in the 70's..and now the 21st Century Giants.  They looked great whipping the Dodgers who  I nominate manager Dave Roberts as Stupidest manager in the world for taking out a pitcher who had a no hitter going.
btw,I haven't yet read the sports pages- yet,I know he has had to have uttered the "And,I would do it again" cliche-LOL.
You KNEW,that was going to be the move of death for Dodgerland.

Anyways..this is like the 70's again. A's- Warriors,the return of the Raiders to decency,a bit of 49er success a couple of years ago. Only I'm not 12-21 again. Unless I get senile. Sounds like a future....

oh,and thank you almighty being for making Dave Roberts Dodger manager!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Kate wore green and Alicia Yellow. Whats going on?

Kate wore the boring color that says- go away. And Alicia wore the color I said looks best on her.

OR,...I watch to damn much KRON for my own good.  Probably the last.

KTVU and KRON heavy on Hollywood. KGO loves cute animals. I like 7.

I get tired of Hollywood news- it means nothing. Has nothing to say.

Now? Vinnie the fat weiner dog who needed to lose 28 pounds? I like that. I need to know how Vin is doing.
Same for Ostriches running down the highway- big news!..I watch.

Kittens and Puppys sleeping with babys? GOLD!

Hollyweird? means nothing.

Addicted to Chocolate.

I hate to go too long without it. Since a kid,I loved chocolate. Despite the worlds demand- Chocolate growing hasn't increased. Prices are way up. Rich cocoa cookies that used to be cheap "Coco-Snaps" in the 60's and 70's from Safeway were my greatest love. In the 80's Safeway stopped selling them. Ugh.
UNO bars were truffle chocolate for the masses..I could never eat enough of rich. Now? Its much smaller size..but,no matter, since they aren't truffle quality anymore...just a cheap taste. Not creamy. So,I never eat them. Sad to see quality ended.
Have you shopped for chocolates at See's?  Truffle chocolates are like gold....prices. I could not believe I dropped $20 for like 1/4 pound. My once in 5 years thing.  I picked out the wrong truffles I noticed when I got home. Not all dark like the photos on the wall. Hmm. Too me,See's shouldn't call anything not rich deep black chocolate, Truffles. I'm still mad

Its sad to read that coco tree's are hard to grow in this world- they need tropical warmth,humidity,much water,and light shade.  That's a whole lot of requirements huh? Plus,some fungus has taken out groves.

Chocolate was so basic to life. It was Choco=Love,too.

Whats the world coming to that Chocolate Easter Bunnies are not only smaller-- they are hollow!...THINLY hollow.
Still,smeared with Peanut Butter it was damn good...

Robin Winston back at KRAZY KRON.

I guess management figures she didn't hit pregnant Anny hard enough to cause damage. Robin hasn't given her side so I guess we have to guess.

Radnich bravely asks staff "If I ever yelled at them?". Staff bravely says no.

He's hard to understand with his new sickness. But did he say he got a SECOND ticket for not having a front license plate? like he never learns.

I heard him abuse Pamela...doesn't matter if she likes it. Like his "touching phase",just because they didn't complain-- he's on air. Shtick doesn't take over for working rights.

Its a news show. He wants to spray her face with seltzer?- do an entertainment show. She wants to keep smiling as he does that? Let her then.

ps,He left out Diane Tuazon,Kate Scott,and why Brittney wants nothing to do with him on air. I could name a few more who didn't get his news shtick and it cost them jobs,income and affected lives. Why they have workplace rules.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bang no longer publishes my letters.. Fucking monopoly.

Until 2013 I was a regular writer to the opinion page. Editorials. Had been since the early 2000's Then I mixed it up with those so called sports writers/ shills.
Just like THAT my opinion on how to improve my city..was now ignored.

Now you know how I can say things interestingly well. Now you get those "Lets end bad things,and shake hands " letters to the Eastbay Monopoly. Boring,dull. Of no real point.

You know there was a reason that paper was letting go Editors left and right.  They are now down to a shill Editor..who like the SF Gate editor needs permission from HQ to take a piss on a break.

I remember the Review had some editors..we would go back and forth in emails. Now? He's some unknown entity with a mortgage and clinging to afford the bay area's nicey- nice areas.

"What the world needs now is love sweet love" read it in the op page.

Diane Tuazon quitting hell hole KRON still no.1 post.

I checked. People must love her. KRON told her she must move on....
From Dec 1st...its held at no.1 almost everyday..then Dan's hair. People want to know.

Seperated at birth Gary Radnich and W.C. Fields.

He's even got the W.C. hand thing..twiddled fingers.

The "Hello Everybody" he starts each sportscast? Stole that from Eddie Alexander.

One more on Oakland Museum weather stats.

They also are way off in winter. How many times have they claimed freezing temps in DOWNTOWN OAKLAND?  buuuuuullll shit. That's one of the most frost and freeze free climates in the bay area. So,why is the OM saying... 31f last night in every winter it seems?
What crap- and it shows how much they care to correct it.

It isn't even sited correctly. Do something right OA.

Bruce Boche in his tenth Giant year.

What a retread he turned out be as we all predicted.
Boy,I got that one wrong. Sabean sure outsmarted me.

10 years. In local managing years? That's Redwood tree lifespan. Methuselah. How many other managers have come and gone in that time?  A Stan salute.

Tim Kawakami no longer writes. He's Podman!

You knew that ego of his would look for a way to be a media celebrity. His blog views have to be way down though...few are going to sit and listen to him fawn like Radnich does to guests.

I mean c'mon its well known he can dish it out..but he can't take it. That same personality in interviews is fawning.People get ADD over his podcast..

On Yahoo? He's Captain Obvious's first mate. Faithful little rascal.

Tara Moriarity does good news very well. She sings! hot vid.

I like her. She's a kick.  Check out this vid of her being very healthy and singing.

Why did the police throw me to the ground?? I was just conversing says HS girl...LOL.

She was in her third fight this year. She called it talking..ha! She also planned to throw kisses- not punches to the other girl she hated!

I'm sick of all this crazy anti police storys. If they shoot a black man because he reached for his license as asked? THAT'S A STORY. Fix,correct, punish the officer offender.

But these nimrods breaking into cars,knives,guns,speeders...What the hell did they expect?

Even Oscar Grant had a history of jumping turnstiles. You keep snubbing the nose....

Dan Ashleys hair has evolved. Now a cinammon swirl.

Even Gary Radnich noticed,commented and made the circular hand motion talking about the top of Dan's melon.
I tell you,the no 1 topic on this blog- most views first Dan's Hair topic followed,equaled,or a bit more maybe, by Diane Tuazon quitting Kron. Dan's was from two April's ago. Amazing it has legs.

Diane? wow,wildly unpopular decision by KRON to make life hard for her.  She has a giant following.

Old Republicans sure love socialist handicapped placards.

Like the Sports Director...socialist ideas like placards are used,BUT shhhhh,don't tell.

BUT,at home? Hell,he can walk the dog for blocks!

Yep,Radnich has some sickness.

Today he went from fine to ten minutes later, had to sit and was huffing and puffing,his voice shot.
He must be in debt...bad investments,mortgage. Buy another Bent car.
Rounding third....
But hey- he went out his way. Telling Pam Moore she's phony and fourth tier,and treating the weather people like dirt,costing them jobs. With class.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oakland Museum Weather records bogus. Have been for years.

I know the kook who (or did) install that Oakland Museum Weather data device that can't get anything right. Yeah,Ive been around.
No way in hell Oakland was 91 today April 6th. I bet there isn't a single other weather certified device- they kind you pay $500 for and get your name on Weather Underground- Roberta Roberts reports.
I was in Oakland today,no 90's nothing over 85 I bet. The south bay where I returned? 87f was as hot as it got. Oakland 91? bullshit and BAD SCIENCE by the Oakland Museum to keep having "highs" I notice 5f  OR MORE above what it really was.
Hey- local media,you want an interesting story? Look into all the high records Oakland suddenly had a huge jump from 1998 to now (or so)-when records were moved from the Airport to the OMuseum.
Oh yeah- and the number of "record low cold day" in winter. BS.

And who knew Oakland was warmer then San Jose? Oh, THE OAKLAND MUSEUM does.

Find the A's game..

On ESPN2,not MLB or COM721...Ohhh boy...

MEDIA GENERAL'S KRON just a mess and a cesspool. When's the first murder?

JR Stone drunk and insulting Miss Universe, Robin Winston punching a pregnant Annie Hong. Gary Radnich parks in handicapped zones then rips the anchor- several times- because she talks to the weather woman Britteny. On top of driving the ASIAN weatherwoman out of her job with his "wit"
He's the monkey riding the dog me thinks.

Pamela Moore slurring her words..Radnich voice broke.

I notice,she's had troubles with some words or phrases the last few days.Why just sometimes- but everyday the last few? I dunno. Tired. Medications. You tell me.

 KRON is a hell hole. Blame the unholy ones driving overpriced cars. Today he said Giants like going through puberty. He has no time to go to games- has time to make money on the side talking at banquets.

How to solve the Obscure A's problem.

The A's should ASSIGN names to players. Their real names? Don't matter. We wont remember or they get traded away muy pronto if good.
I think for fans it would be better if on the backs of uniforms ALL A's right fielders were give the name  "R.Jackson".  Center fielders  "W.Mays".  Catchers? "G.Tenace" and second string "R.Fosse".  etc,etc,etc. You get the idea.
1st base ? "M.Mantle".
I tossed that in.

87f here. Thats warm.

I bet- a good percentage of those people on HGTV who move to the tropics from cold climates? Are sorry when its an unending near 90f everyday and humidity to match.
What feels good on a weeks vacation- gets old when summer never ends. Hot time in the city feel your neck getting dirty and gritty, is right.
If you are born in the tropics,I guess its you're language to be hot all year.

The hot deserts in the USA? I guess you just wait out June- September.  The tropics are hot and muggy now - 65 million years in a row 24/7/ 365 lol.

Oh well..when we get cold? I still think of a place warm and not too hot,and never cold. The Standilocks zone. Take me there.

Lake Merrit downtown Oakland...or Pleasanton.

You get the vibe from the hipster downtown or the conservative suburb that you minority man should act stereotypical to yur skin color - and that means entertains us,or stay away. Don't come 'round like some equal.
That attitude is still strong and power.

Forgive me. For my Warrior scouting report that the NBA is now using.

You can point to the day I posted on this blog- teams changed on how they took on the Warriors. Orlando almost beat them by dogging Curry the whole game and hack a Bogut,nobody worried about Barnes.
ALL in my post when the rest of this country said there is no way to beat them. I took that as a challenge.

Nobody is perfect..and Curry gets down too soon when badgered. Why I posted as much. Klay as I said,can't turn it on if Curry is off. So,the double teaming is working.

They are still the best-- but the self doubt? You can see it in the team that wasn't there opening the season with 27+ something straight wins.

What hurts too- and badly? I was right about the NBA refs seeming to go blind when Curry and the Warriors are hacked. Amazingly little protection for an NBA champ. Oh yeah,they are from Oakland aren't they?
Game after game- other team X walks to the line 22 times,the Warriors 5.

The Warriors need the old Raiders spirit..hate us because we beat you,AND we come from Oakland.

KRON heading to a cleanhouse? Darya hit the wall. Cathy,take the Prozac. Robin- hear the truth.

Its what I think.  Cathy Heenan is not a happy camper...because she did the show with one side of her head's hairdo pushed up and flat. Like she had been laying down napping and got up in time to do the news segment. She was not anchoring.

Darya. Keep the friends in high places.

Robin Winston?  wants it all NOW.  She's right that her looks wont be this good in the years to come..but,she should have gone into the acting singing and modeling instead of traffic reports. Get me?

Robin Winston HIT Anny Hong? THATS LOW Robin. Man,KRON is dangerous.

When you hit a pregnant woman for some probably stupid petty argument-- How do you even still have a job?
At KRON anything goes.

Manimal Gary Radnich willing to flush anybody down a toilet to keep his job. A job of sports director when not only does he not go to games...He's now bragging on KRON how he couldn't care less if the Giants won!

  Yesterday he said- and yeah I know it was scripted already- "Grant,I have a family,I'm old,I don't care to tweet about Johny Cueto". Yeah,sounds mature..only most older men who feel that way aren't paid to do sports-LOL. Radnich,doing the usual contrarian act. Its old,obvious and fake.

Like him.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A's third game of the season not televised.

Fucking-lol-fucking Comcast. Its the monopoly due to paid off politicians that got them where they are at. No brains.
Goddamn Comcast.

Lots of ice dancing NHL instead.

Stan on the woman who get courtside seats at Warrior and NBA games.

 As I described most are very attractive...I mean four in a row?- find that in real life woman over 40.

But it makes me think..that's all over the NBA.  Woman who look great on the arm.  You never see four obese woman in a front row,in a row. No matter how kind,loving,or giving they are of themselves.

 IF you did? Maybe some actually paid for the seats themselves. I bet none of those four MILFS had.

Theirs were given to them. Their looks have anything to do with it? It had everything to do with it.

You have to wonder how NBA managements never seem to award the best seats to -again- obese woman. Heck,I might add non blond too. Texas seems not to allow dark haired woman in the arena.

I always feel for the underdog..but non beauty queen woman are not like that,they could have discovered galaxies and medical cures. Yet,that trophy thing in pro sports..applies to real people,woman, as well as statues.

The eastbays pro baseball team.." The Obscure A's"

Those names on the team..sound made up. Pitchers? Like cutouts.

Its really hard to be an A's fan nowadays. You definitely have to root for them seeing the spirits of Catfish Hunter,Dick Williams and Charlie O. The man and the horse.

Bi Polar Gary Radnich..sweet as candy today.

He's got some serious issues...and the perfect woman to take advantage of live on TV.   Amazingly a head in sand Front Office at Media General. He verbally beats a woman...then ends it with "You know I love you" joke,that's a quote.  That's like Wife/Partner abuser 101 to say that.

Its a pattern. He's called her phony,and take yer pick- one time 3rd best,another 3rd tier,and the other day 4th best in the bay area at being an anchor.

KRON wonders why nobody wants to work with him?

I bet his first and present wife have had all the Radnich love they can take.

added: I have to laugh when Radnich told her tonight "You are too smart" (too complain to management,etc,) That's his playing everything on different level..the old double reverse psychology. All to keep him in power,whatever it takes,whatever he has to say he will.

Will Gary Radnich abuse Pamela Moore again tonight?

IF, he feels like it. KRON and General Media don't care if he calls her trash for an anchor. They allow the ass to treat her like garbage, live on TV.
We can watch it all.

I guess as long as he doesn't get racial? Then let him rip her up and down the set. She won't complain.

More Comcast stupidity- interrupt Warriror game for Giant post game show? Idiots.

If the Giants game ends around 7:30? Same time as Warrior tipoff?...Comcast is still going to put idiot Papa and co on for another half hour while the Warrior game is not shown in HD..or at all,until 8:30.
Who the hell cares about Giants post game? Its the internet for the score.

Griggs should be flogged for his love of Samoleans over common sense.

Ok, the game is also on TNT.    Yet,Comcast will run over the first half hour of the Warriors for Greggy?

You notice Gary Radnich vents on woman- wont stand up to men?

Diane,Brittney,Pamela,Kate, on and on.  He chuckles at Kruger putdowns.  If Pamela Moore dug at him on TV? He would go ballistic.
Be a man, Radnich.

Not a mention on Sabean by local media. The Giant Genius is ignored again.

I have to shake my head- why does the media genuflect to Billy Bean man,and Sabean hardly is mentioned in any article?
Larry Baer and his schnozzle show up all the time in articles,TV. Well,who couldn't do what Baer did?  Baer is like the character in "Being There" a sort of old pre Forrest Gump Movie.

Sabean? HE makes the team go. Win,Lose,Trade and Cut. Its been him.

I don't get it. Sabean needs a better cologne. Just doesn't make sense.

Everything you want to do,but cant. While everything you dont wan't to do? Plenty of that out there..

Funny how life does that.  My talents only partly used- and this blog isn't much of that- while all the things you really want are now out of grasp.
That can be frustrating.

I made goals for myself....but got older and realized,mine were too modest. How do you dream huge when at the time a step seemed big?

Unlike John Foggerty- I lose sleep over how things might have been.

Robin Winston MIA...Gary Radnich continues decades of abusing Pamela Moore.

Robin Winston must have gone racial...its the only thing I can think of that gets the weak HR of KRON to do anything. Radnich has gotten away with murder in how he talks down to lead anchor Moore,live on air. HR does almost nothing since she must also cover for him.

She must feel her and Radnich have a co dependent life and career..because he has told her on air the last few weeks she's phony and not even 3rd best anchor in the bay area. That's abuse. KRON lets him just wail on her per his mood.

She just smiles. Its all she ever does as he walks on her -then wipes his feet on her as Radnich goes to his beloved car in the night.

When Radnich was groping female anchors? He only had to attend a HR class.

When he was gone I still watched KRON..I can't see where he any longer is a ratings boost.

And whats the thing with his voice at 8:45? Twice he doing some speaking job in between newscasts? The Sports Director who never goes to any sports games- has time for paid speaking to groups?  What the hell is that?

Everyday he's a little nuttier than the day before.

p.s. If he's like that to her on TV to thousands with no shame..I wonder how he is to his wife?..sure,he changes. Just like that.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gary Radnich has "Network" like meltdown doing 8:45 Sports. Calls Moore "4th best local anchor"

His voice was more and more horse- like he had been yelling at somebody before on air. Then,out of the blue started praising Ken Bastida,Dan Ashley and as he said "That whole hair thing with Dan" all the while freaking Grant Lodes-who 's mouth the camera caught drop open- out.

Pamela Moore pleadingly asked him "Don't do this Gary,,don't do.."..that only got him to wind up faster,louder and hoarser. He was out of control and shouting. He only could end it with some "she's no.1 tribute"   I wonder what he really meant being he was steaming angry.

What do you think I think? I say it goes back to last week when Britteny did the after sports chit chat with Lodes and Pamela.  I wouldn't doubt there was some "You aren't the boss Gary,stop being an ass",something like that from Pamela to the blowhard. And why he wanted to comeback with putting down her career.
The "tribute" of his at the end was weak. Very weak.

I tell you- this has been happening more and more since Shipp was hired. Even Adrian Monk can connect those dots.

ps So why say she's no.1 after saying she's not even third best anchor? "You're fourth best" he said loud and clear on live TV. It was just a last resort to dig himself out of a hole of insanity he dug.

KGO has a new slogan..I forgot what it is..

I'm so absent minded sometimes. KGO did a nonstop intro of their new format. Dang,they kept repeating the new catchphrase. Owen's used it. Copeland and Franklin. I can't remember.

I think what Cumulus figures is..if the hosts are the same,why pay a lot to old career staff?..who would notice the difference? Owens will still sound like Owens,Copeland,etc,etc,etc.

The product is still shiny,only it wont go 118mph ...just 65mph. While making a bigger profit.

Things will go down. Like when Johnny Carson because of the writers strike started writing his own monologue- remember that? was more Carson's reaction to jokes that bombed that was funny. How long could that have lasted?...the strike ended and his career went on.

Who was the vice president of Cumulus with the fancy name? Thurston Howell the Third?   Man,affirmative action ain't changed everything...

Will Tran co hosted morning KRON show..

KRON took my advice. Personable. Will is another who is in this for the long haul. If Don Sanchez could do it,Will can do it.

Donald Trump voting conservative good old boy Giants looking tough to beat.

I wonder if the 2016 WS champ Giants will ALL meet with President Hillary?

In an alternative Universe? The champ Giants bring PUSA Trump a memorial shotgun "Filled with buckshot to scare them illegal Meskins ".  Sergio shrugs his shoulders and tells Telemundo "I give up" "I cant them all,their my team"

Tim Lincecum calling it a career? I say why...

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago- Its like he's fallen off the face of the Earth. My guess? He's burned out on baseball.  I will even go as far as to say he turned down that 100 mill+ contract three years ago because HE KNEW,he was feeling like walking away..then that would go away....then it would come back..well,you get it. Plus- Lincecum is single. Cane could always use his family as an excuse to twist the Giant's org. for that big money..knowing his arm is not the same.

Lincecum just didn't need the Zito boo's. No need to take abuse.

I think he feels he paid his father back,did more than fulfill his fathers dreams too. There he was, Dad Lincecum talking pitching on KNBR for awhile there.

He might be in Acapulco right now.   I would if burned out on Baseball.

Stanislov Petrov tried to kill parents, was going to plead mercy "I'm an orphan yer honor!".

PTSD...yeah,from being a thieving life long crook. His family should really just shut the hell up.

Make a Wish burglary? Inside. Look into sons and nephews.

I bet the one crook who looked anguished at stealing? He knew what was inside because his mother works there.
Check into that.

Can we deport Stanislov Petrov?

Send him back to Scumvania.  And then fumigate that apartment he lived in.

Dog running on the bridge.

What a good dog. Running to his owner who abandoned him as scum usually do. Man,it was that little dog and his determination with all the City skyline and world in front of him. He kept pumping them little paws,god bless his soul.

Raising minimum wage will cause prices to rise?

Well,for thousands of years there was no minimum wage at all..and people lived in squalor as the rich thrived. You read about the company store? Not cheap for near slaves.
If you have a business that sells what none of you're employees can afford? You might be a good candidate to pay more.
Raising pay causes prices to rise?- lol. They would go up if Americans worked for 1954.1054,054 B.C. wages.

Nothing much to SF Gate.

I dont know why that other media type blog is always linking to SF Gate. SF Gate is dead media walking. They have so convoluted the website,that you get to read maybe a paragraph of what promised to be much more- you know how they do that.
Its so bad,I have to laugh at the "slideshow tour" of  San Francisco's FloraGrub that consisted of ONE photo. But- 63 almost identical photos of a 1983 Popeye movie set in Malta?. SIXTY THREE! How dumb is that?

I stick to BANG. At least for free they give you no aggravation.

Thinking of Paul and his one legged former wife. And Devo.

You know instead of complaining that Sir Paul "Is old and likes to smoke weed" -like who doesn't know he's old and likes to smoke weed in this world?,his one legged wife should have just said that she wasn't up to the brilliance and pressure of being his wife. Instead,she outed herself as a gold digger. Really,she could have called him a saint and she might have gotten her money faster. Made no difference,she was going to be wealthy for life.

Devo's "Satisfaction" one of the best songs of the 70's that sounded 80's. I had to watch and listen the other day. Did you know that the dancer who spazzed with the dog collar on is still alive? He's not dead on heroin or the like.  Amazing..has done a lot of work over the decades. Here,you were sure he was by now a long dead junkie.
One funny thing...Devo minus two original members who have passed...still put on the yellow jumpers in concert- as you can see on YouTube. Only,those jumpers are not size 32 jumpers,but near 40 now.
I know that one.

Brian Van Akens memory of Kron: A monkey riding the dog.

Wow,they played that in every tribute. The meaning in that is deep.

oh no,PAPA is doing Giants pre and postgame? Comcasts scatalogical dead zone.

That means,all  Papa all day on Comcast? HE was the best they can find??? Christ haven't we heard enough of the guy's same view,same take?  At least this is MY BLOG,I can repeat myself all day if I want..but the Warrior and Giant pregame?
Papa must suck up like big time to Baer and Griggs. He must love them more then his own family. They,in turn love that feeling to respond.

Amazing in this,the great bay area..Sport assholes like Larry Baer and Ted Griggs force company shills on us - THE SAME ONES over and over,season to season.

Yeah- Papa creates big ratings for the Warriors. Its all him.

 His Adolph Hitler looks brings the ladies?

Interesting that there is a natural law at work here. Like the big tree that makes all under it wither and stops any new growth- sprouts- of different tree's and shrubs?   Papa and Radnich just suck all the life out of where they talents wither away never getting a chance to get a slice of sunlight. Where Papa and Radnich go..its always the same old thing. Darkness instead of change.
Larry Kruger? he's the crabgrass of local sports..

No Robin today?

I missed almost all the show...but near the end saw Rebbeca. If you see Rebecca than that means Robin is not there- right?
Anny was there.

Sure enough my first post on the Winston- Hong presumed dust up has been a huge views maker on this blog. People love Anny.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

KRON to honor Brian Van Akens with Chia pet head statue?

I think that's what JR Stone said. And he said it like the guy died. Dead serious.

added: They said he's been at KRON 9 years???? No way. 3,4 tops. I never noticed him until 3,4. Tops.

Greg Papa the Warrior pre and post game embarassment. What an idiot.

I can't watch. His humor isn't funny..its pathetic. Like his scatological thinking he puts into his radio show is twisted to fit Comcast.
He even gets St.Jean to act like an out of control drunk.

 I caught his Bogut sucking. "Bogut was injured by "The Animal" last time".. What? Bogut is hurt by butterfly wings beating him down. So now its that NBA players are now deadly is Boguts excuse?

Ah, it has to be just a matter of time Papa is pulled over for being drunk. He thinks like one.

Two Sundays in a Row no Viki on Sunday..

Toothy JR Stone is there. But,somebody to give Sunday gravitazzy is missing. Man,I hope JR's stupid hijinks on his reports dont somehow translate to Viki getting pushed back. Or,she's on a long vacation.
Justin Waldmann this week. I don't see Grant being long term,sorry,but I don't...prepare yourself.
There goes my last chance for a KRON Kristmas Kard.

Who are the Warriors row of MILFS?

The last three games...six older woman. 40 something trophy's all screaming entitled lives sitting courtside. Who they be? All white,thin,and again,about the same age. Old enough to be a NBA rookies mom. I SWEAR on one zoom after a play- you could see a brunette MILF looking at Curry's crotch.

Speaking of courtside- why are there seats THAT close to the court? In any other sport...give the players some room. NBA players have to always tight-walk and of course a dive they know means landing in somebody's lap..or a hard chair.
What a stupid perk for wealthy people huh?

Ivana' Trumps only job was to retain Trumps sperm.

To hear her demean immigrants and that legal ones are needed to clean her house is the insanity of the rich.
All she ever did in her life was fit Donald Trumps sex fantasy of a white woman who speaks in a eastern European accent of broken English. THAT was her job to millions of dollars. A concubine. Oldest job in the world.
Modeling? Don't make me laugh and hard.

Michael Urban.

You have to feel for the guy. I only know he's been battling substances for years...and his voice is not the same.
If he smokes..okay,that's it. But otherwise it has hard times to it.

How big an Asteroid to wipe out San Francisco?

Extrapolating this vid to San Fransisco's roughly 7 mile diameter,the first rock the size of a school bus going 20,000mph would instantly destroy 2/3's of San Francisco.

The second rock-three football fields would destroy all the bay area and people in Livermore would see their clothing ignite from the heat and as far out as Modesto first degree burns for everybody out for a walk.

The third rock- as you might think of a rock over a mile in diameter- would take out most the states buildings, clothing ignite from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. First degree burns nearly border to border 745miles to Cal's about 800 mile length.

And I didn't even include the Bay's little Tsunami from the Earthquake it makes or the liquefaction of bay fill on buildings- and people.

It really would be a crappy,crappy, day on the bay.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

S.F. police should have beaten Stanislov Petrov even more. He still has criminal stink in him.

The man is a society stink. Instead of filing suit against the city...he should be paying them back for the money spent chasing him across the bay.
Besides,he wasn't hurt...there he is back to gang fights and shootings.

Next time- use a choke hold until he's not breathing. Just a waste of society's time.

Kate Cagle once got a near murderer to confess he did it !

I just ran across this article:

See? When I wrote she reminded me of Linda- a young beautiful GF of mine from many years ago,I also said that she could get men to do any favor for her with just a smile.  I KNEW IT!..Kate actually got a guy to admit the almost ultimate crime.
When woman are that beautiful and petite and yet seem so innocent that you want to protect them all you can, and believe whatever they tell do crazy things for them. And say crazy things too...

Gary Radnich looked terrible Friday..

His hair wasn't combed,he was huffing and puffing..and sweating as always. He must have health problems because even his voice sounded worse.
The guy might be too old to do both KNBR and KRON. He loves the money- but his body don't.

Although if Copeland's show is commercialized as The Chip show..

I might not hear much. Amazing how after only hearing Franklin after all these years...the commercial breaks were unending. I went back to Bruce or KCBS.

Turnovers and Curry mental fatigue getting to the Warriors...

Klay made passes to nobody. Green couldn't just simply catch a pass near the end of the game. Its all called mental fatigue..the pressure of this record and that record makes every regular season game a playoff. Not too mention the other team plays out of their minds. The Celtic's had prayer shots fall like rain. Same for other teams this year until the Warriors ground them down at the end. Now,the Warriors are sucking fumes..still winning...but on fumes.

Curry's bad passing-turnovers,and yet another Bogut owee,boo-boo game he left.

Curry should look around and notice nobody else does loop passing. Why? maybe because its schoolyard simple,and players in the NBA aren't that bad -or spoiled- to keep it in their game. What did he have 20 turnovers? Some ridiculous number. Totally negated his scoring..and more and more often.
Bogut? ALL that grimacing? Acting!
He learned from Beidrens what Lincecum and Cain learned from Zito.   You get the money no matter what.

KTVU and KNTV show Soccer. Both do nill-nill.

As I write neither game- one in the final 30 minutes has a single goal. One game at its break is showing hi  lights of "almost scores".  I will never be a Soccer convert. Although running around on grass and kicking the ball is fun with five year olds.

Friday, April 1, 2016

NBA pleading Linsanity defense..vs Warriors and Curry.

Like with Jeremy Lin- the NBA woke and decided to cling to Curry,double team...make the rest of the team score.
Of course I called it. You read that all here first.

See? Unlike Jordan,Kareem,Magic....Lin and Curry are not tall. They can be badgered,trapped. Curry's body language is all the opponent needs to see they are getting to him. The head shaking isn't looking too positive. Hanging his head must be a boost to the bad guys.

The Warriors need to screen Curry. Rush the basket making it hard for teams to come out and get Curry out high.
Thats one step...

Kron down to Rebecca Strom in filler weather. All the others dont get along with the sports director.

Britt stayed away- as reported,Manservant left due to Radnich not helping Brians career,Diane was frozen out by Radnich,and Dave Spahr wont go in the building if Radnich is there. So,that leaves you with D line Rebecca who usually does filler traffic report for George...who's also now gone.
Still,its a weekday. D level?

First Britt was missing today....then Gary Radnich ran back to do Friday!!!

Oh,man he must have HATED that she was helping do sports. He came back for one weekday. Probably to whine to the producers that they insulted him.
He's rounding third Ma...and didn't even comb his hair....

Hey I like that Lodes will back stab Radnich when he's not here...then be his biggest pal when he's back.
He learned that from Gary Radnich.

I post Britt joins in on the fun....then it stopped.

What happened? I thought it was fun to see the three -Pamela,Grant,Britt,chismesing (cheeze-mehz - gossip esp.) then it ended. I bet Radnich called and complained. Would not put it past him.

"Last Man On Earth" ? He might not be last man on the block.

Every time I see a commercial for this show I never watch- he's talking to somebody different. And their clothes are so clean.

Kristin Sze's LONG eyelashes....

Ha,well if  a little long is good, then "the longer must be better school of philosophy", is at play. I couldn't take my eyes off of them..when she blinked, I wondered if she could feel it?

She's got a shapely body...always hidden behind the desk.

Brian Copeland 1-4pm? Good. An alternative at least.

It adds to the sports and KCBS monopoly at those times. Some days Lund and Papa just sink to the bowels of the earth the last hour. No wonder Bruce hates to follow that.
Hey- I'm all for Townsend and Papa..more equal in the cerebral cortex with those two, meaning Papa cant run circles around Townsend like he does Lund..who to me is a Pagliacci bleeding all over the radio..

Maybe a killer lived down my street?

I was watching an old CBS crime documentary on the young girl killed in Castro Valley. Eventually they found out her identity and who the killer likely was. He escaped to Mexico and has not been arrested to this day. Mexico is a strange country. He killed a Mexican citizen,only 16 years old. Still,they protect him from bad, death penalty, USA.
Turns out this guy MIGHT have lived in a house down my street. The quick slice of view of the home looked very familiar even if 10 years ago. Same color,same tiny 2 bedroom look. All the tiny front yard was cemented over. They did that thing where they cropped out the surrounding homes...but it looked very much like the "Small bungalow in Hayward where the killer lived"..down my street.
Now you and Hayward PD know why I am the PD's biggest fan...and caller.

Also- I lock things like I never locked before..


So,Im watching Avery Harper do some story standing on the Supermarket sidewalk. In the reflection of the store's windows you see the cameraman- out in the parking lot!
I don't know why. You lose resolution when you zoom.

Maybe its Comcast fault. Because KRON's live or recorded shots always look more like film..and KPIX looks like you are there. Bright and sharp.

Hows this second theory- Avery was using a low budget iphone with tripod...and the cameraguy was for back story?
Because- he was running...I dont recall if the angle of her moved. Hey,I cant remember every detail!

Robin Winston - returns- to TERRORIZE THE NEWSROOM???

She didn't look too...feeling right. So,something is up.  Just kidding you with the title Robin. One day you will laugh.