Wednesday, April 6, 2016

87f here. Thats warm.

I bet- a good percentage of those people on HGTV who move to the tropics from cold climates? Are sorry when its an unending near 90f everyday and humidity to match.
What feels good on a weeks vacation- gets old when summer never ends. Hot time in the city feel your neck getting dirty and gritty, is right.
If you are born in the tropics,I guess its you're language to be hot all year.

The hot deserts in the USA? I guess you just wait out June- September.  The tropics are hot and muggy now - 65 million years in a row 24/7/ 365 lol.

Oh well..when we get cold? I still think of a place warm and not too hot,and never cold. The Standilocks zone. Take me there.