Friday, April 8, 2016

Addicted to Chocolate.

I hate to go too long without it. Since a kid,I loved chocolate. Despite the worlds demand- Chocolate growing hasn't increased. Prices are way up. Rich cocoa cookies that used to be cheap "Coco-Snaps" in the 60's and 70's from Safeway were my greatest love. In the 80's Safeway stopped selling them. Ugh.
UNO bars were truffle chocolate for the masses..I could never eat enough of rich. Now? Its much smaller size..but,no matter, since they aren't truffle quality anymore...just a cheap taste. Not creamy. So,I never eat them. Sad to see quality ended.
Have you shopped for chocolates at See's?  Truffle chocolates are like gold....prices. I could not believe I dropped $20 for like 1/4 pound. My once in 5 years thing.  I picked out the wrong truffles I noticed when I got home. Not all dark like the photos on the wall. Hmm. Too me,See's shouldn't call anything not rich deep black chocolate, Truffles. I'm still mad

Its sad to read that coco tree's are hard to grow in this world- they need tropical warmth,humidity,much water,and light shade.  That's a whole lot of requirements huh? Plus,some fungus has taken out groves.

Chocolate was so basic to life. It was Choco=Love,too.

Whats the world coming to that Chocolate Easter Bunnies are not only smaller-- they are hollow!...THINLY hollow.
Still,smeared with Peanut Butter it was damn good...