Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bang no longer publishes my letters.. Fucking monopoly.

Until 2013 I was a regular writer to the opinion page. Editorials. Had been since the early 2000's Then I mixed it up with those so called sports writers/ shills.
Just like THAT my opinion on how to improve my city..was now ignored.

Now you know how I can say things interestingly well. Now you get those "Lets end bad things,and shake hands " letters to the Eastbay Monopoly. Boring,dull. Of no real point.

You know there was a reason that paper was letting go Editors left and right.  They are now down to a shill Editor..who like the SF Gate editor needs permission from HQ to take a piss on a break.

I remember the Review had some editors..we would go back and forth in emails. Now? He's some unknown entity with a mortgage and clinging to afford the bay area's nicey- nice areas.

"What the world needs now is love sweet love" read it in the op page.