Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bi Polar Gary Radnich..sweet as candy today.

He's got some serious issues...and the perfect woman to take advantage of live on TV.   Amazingly a head in sand Front Office at Media General. He verbally beats a woman...then ends it with "You know I love you"..no joke,that's a quote.  That's like Wife/Partner abuser 101 to say that.

Its a pattern. He's called her phony,and take yer pick- one time 3rd best,another 3rd tier,and the other day 4th best in the bay area at being an anchor.

KRON wonders why nobody wants to work with him?

I bet his first and present wife have had all the Radnich love they can take.

added: I have to laugh when Radnich told her tonight "You are too smart" (too complain to management,etc,) That's his playing everything on different level..the old double reverse psychology. All to keep him in power,whatever it takes,whatever he has to say he will.