Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bulls? Maybe the Milwaukee Bucks with Kareem,Robertson and Dandridge would beat them all.

I wonder how people forget the power of Kareem? The sky hook was never blocked. Seeing what a 7'+ young Kareem could do vs the Warriors.. The Bucks did beat that great Laker team of West,Chamberlain and Goodrich.
Kareem was a taller, better Duncan. He won in Milwaukee- won in Los Angeles. Connect the dots.

I think Kareem was the best player in the history of the NBA...score,rebound,play defense ferociously.
Boston's ten in a row in the 50's- 60's? yeah,CYO level compared to the 70's-today. I laugh. Cousy...

I'm embarrassed for local sports talk- especially the older ones who talk about Jordon and Curry only. Kareem is part of the holy trio at least. As I said,I think he was the best of all. Jordon could guard a   man- Kareem guarded all five. You had to see him then.