Friday, April 22, 2016

Did Prince overdose?

Now,stories of why Walgreens was his favorite hangout.

Let me cut through all the bull. Prince,MJ,Robin Williams...all knew their day had passed. Prince knew he was never going to have a hit record ever again.   Their future was now all about the past...same songs,same roles.  MJ added his private evil desires guilt eating at him.  They do they just get tired of it all that they do things, knowing they are risking ending their lives,self destructive behavior. You can list plenty of lesser stars who have done the same.

Some are happy to repeat themselves forever. Chuck Berry might be one of the worst people in the world according to the story's. But he's going for a real sociopath,Chuck Berry just goes on singing Johnny B Good for another day.

Heck,someday's I get tired of doing this blog,tired of unending bad typing and spelling....