Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Enough of Greg Papa- you ever heard of "Over exposure"?

The same guy that loves Papa to no end - loves Mike Savage,keep that in mind.

I'm tired of Papa's Warrior,Raider,Giant,talk show..c'mon lets break it up a little huh? Maybe some original opinion about the Raiders? Or somebody who's not a puppet for Larry Baer. Remember the story of how Papa got some woman to come to Giants games in costume?

His sense of humor is tolerable in low doses..but every way you turn its him on the air. I swear he's killed my interest in Warrior and Giants pre and post game. He's going to be a grade A apologist all the way down the line. Good for his bank account- lousy for REAL fans.

Like Radnich..soon the other guys are sounding like him,know their cue when to laugh. Funny has nothing to do with it..just be trained as to when.

He still swears Tim Lincecum has a Hamburger diet and that Mark Davis gets teary eyed at the idea of leaving Oakland...yes,all true Greg insists.