Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Forgive me. For my Warrior scouting report that the NBA is now using.

You can point to the day I posted on this blog- teams changed on how they took on the Warriors. Orlando almost beat them by dogging Curry the whole game and hack a Bogut,nobody worried about Barnes.
ALL in my post when the rest of this country said there is no way to beat them. I took that as a challenge.

Nobody is perfect..and Curry gets down too soon when badgered. Why I posted as much. Klay as I said,can't turn it on if Curry is off. So,the double teaming is working.

They are still the best-- but the self doubt? You can see it in the team that wasn't there opening the season with 27+ something straight wins.

What hurts too- and badly? I was right about the NBA refs seeming to go blind when Curry and the Warriors are hacked. Amazingly little protection for an NBA champ. Oh yeah,they are from Oakland aren't they?
Game after game- other team X walks to the line 22 times,the Warriors 5.

The Warriors need the old Raiders spirit..hate us because we beat you,AND we come from Oakland.