Monday, April 4, 2016

Gary Radnich has "Network" like meltdown doing 8:45 Sports. Calls Moore "4th best local anchor"

His voice was more and more horse- like he had been yelling at somebody before on air. Then,out of the blue started praising Ken Bastida,Dan Ashley and as he said "That whole hair thing with Dan" all the while freaking Grant Lodes-who 's mouth the camera caught drop open- out.

Pamela Moore pleadingly asked him "Don't do this Gary,,don't do.."..that only got him to wind up faster,louder and hoarser. He was out of control and shouting. He only could end it with some "she's no.1 tribute"   I wonder what he really meant being he was steaming angry.

What do you think I think? I say it goes back to last week when Britteny did the after sports chit chat with Lodes and Pamela.  I wouldn't doubt there was some "You aren't the boss Gary,stop being an ass",something like that from Pamela to the blowhard. And why he wanted to comeback with putting down her career.
The "tribute" of his at the end was weak. Very weak.

I tell you- this has been happening more and more since Shipp was hired. Even Adrian Monk can connect those dots.

ps So why say she's no.1 after saying she's not even third best anchor? "You're fourth best" he said loud and clear on live TV. It was just a last resort to dig himself out of a hole of insanity he dug.