Friday, April 22, 2016

Gary Radnich KNBR show to move to 10am-1pm.

 Larry Kruger who doesn't mumble said so...

THAT,my friends fits what I've posted about his and Larry and Bob's show's being pure welfare feeding on the ratings of the Mac and Mutley and then later,Tommy show. If not for the Giants and Warriors the whole lot might have had the usual turnover every few years you see at other stations.

As a bonus: Yes,KRON is streamlining his sports segment. Not enough. The back and forth with Lodes is ..boring,makes no sense,time killing. It does let Radnich talk less. I guess that's what management wants.

Yes,Radnich for reasons only he knows,needs to DAILY tell Pamela he loves her.  She,pretends like it makes her day. I call it anything for ratings love....

Until, that is,he's having a bi polar day and NEEDS to tell her ON AIR,that she's phony,and a 2,3,4, tier anchor and that's all she will ever be.  That's not me reading into what he says..that's EXACTLY what he's told her on air.