Saturday, April 9, 2016

Giants- another once or twice in a lifetime team.

The A's in the 70's..and now the 21st Century Giants.  They looked great whipping the Dodgers who  I nominate manager Dave Roberts as Stupidest manager in the world for taking out a pitcher who had a no hitter going.
btw,I haven't yet read the sports pages- yet,I know he has had to have uttered the "And,I would do it again" cliche-LOL.
You KNEW,that was going to be the move of death for Dodgerland.

Anyways..this is like the 70's again. A's- Warriors,the return of the Raiders to decency,a bit of 49er success a couple of years ago. Only I'm not 12-21 again. Unless I get senile. Sounds like a future....

oh,and thank you almighty being for making Dave Roberts Dodger manager!