Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Greg Papa and Gary Radnich represent whats wrong with deregulation.

It was never done crossing over. Lon Simmons was Giants PBP.   That's it. He didn't do local news or host pre and post games. Same for Bill King.

Then media got big..and with deregulation the monopoly on what you will hear took completely over. Comcast and Cumulus just puts their biggest puppet into any socket they can screw him into..and YOU get screwed on whats really happening in sports and BIG sports business.

Its now got a hard grip on all info...even a local blogger as we all know got his mug on TV simply because he agreed to not publish ratings or offend Ted Griggs,Larry Baer.

There's a reason I'm blocked by censor loving big bizz,and Tim Kawakami (Mr Podcast -of the world!) SF Gate. Who told you about racist Lin jokes from ESPN? Who told you about Billy Beane wanting to get out of the GM side of baseball?..who told you how to defend Curry?..when the rest of the media said "No guarding him!" exactly what puppets would say.

You get truth about KRON here, ugly hair,clothes,about liars and thieves.

And you can only read it here because big business bought all the local media to ban,block and pretend I wasn't right while they were scratching their belly buttons and whistling in the dark.
Stan still see's.

Hamburger diet?..eesh.