Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Is your life a living hell?

I notice,for all he's done,Radnich really has to avoid anyplace where he's known. Never goes to games because he listens to his "fans" unload on him. Its only mom's house and any relative. Then back home-lol.

Same for Prince..he was burnt out on not being able to be young Prince,Michael Jackson had almost 25 good years...then killed himself because of the living hell of being a boy lover.
You notice too? Living hell lives are in a circle they can't break..Drugs do the killing...the mindset of being sick of dealing with life is a living hell to them.

Getting old can be the cause. Sure,the kids are one reason to keep going...but you know they can do fine without you.

"Chyna"..living hell. Her star had faded..she had no place to go to get it back. Making news by most celebrities by the time they have sank to her level..is now just embarrassment heaped on shame.

I keep reading of tortured souls. More money,like 300 million for example didn't change anything.

That Shakespeare guy really had it down about fate and being players in roles not wanted. Or roles wanted and now hated...then we get to Faustian...