Monday, April 11, 2016

Kenny Choi needs to loosten up.

I need to coach him. Help him get off to a good start.  Ken? Think Margaritaville,think Grateful Dead. Think Bob Marley.  Smile.  Laid back goes a long way in the bay area. Sure Frank over at 2 has the voice..but he knows not to get uptight. Dan at 7? Has a band.
You might think I'm-a-kidding-Kenny,but you really can't get too laid back for the bay area-BUT with a sense of humor. I can only advise the newbys. Its up to them to use it. He and Michelle look like a real work in progress.

After all,your promotion is getting rare these days for some reason. Blame Trumpioids.

Hey you know-- dump those accountant eye frames man. Maybe the 'do could use some less ethnic cookie cutter look. One of the crowd. Try something different. Dan Ashely does..all the time.