Monday, April 4, 2016

KGO has a new slogan..I forgot what it is..

I'm so absent minded sometimes. KGO did a nonstop intro of their new format. Dang,they kept repeating the new catchphrase. Owen's used it. Copeland and Franklin. I can't remember.

I think what Cumulus figures is..if the hosts are the same,why pay a lot to old career staff?..who would notice the difference? Owens will still sound like Owens,Copeland,etc,etc,etc.

The product is still shiny,only it wont go 118mph ...just 65mph. While making a bigger profit.

Things will go down. Like when Johnny Carson because of the writers strike started writing his own monologue- remember that? was more Carson's reaction to jokes that bombed that was funny. How long could that have lasted?...the strike ended and his career went on.

Who was the vice president of Cumulus with the fancy name? Thurston Howell the Third?   Man,affirmative action ain't changed everything...