Monday, April 18, 2016

Larry Kruger gets Asinine.

First he came up with the ca-razy answer to Radnich "Would you turn down a head coach and 5x (or more) pay or stay an assistant with the Warriors?"  "I would stay" sez Krugee...and "He can wait till he's 40 for another chance"...ugh. Cant tell you more on that as I zoned out at Kruger who hustled to get his jobs telling listeners he would turn down be your own boss, for millions. Is he insane also?

THEN  Kruger went on how he "Would sit Curry tonight".. Kruger is a regular singing nun. Its playoffs,you go for the kill asap. Not play with your food, time. It money time.

Where does Kruger form these irrational thoughts? -lol. Hmm, the Kruger family hopes it skips a generation...cause it smacked Larry upside his head.