Friday, April 1, 2016

Maybe a killer lived down my street?

I was watching an old CBS crime documentary on the young girl killed in Castro Valley. Eventually they found out her identity and who the killer likely was. He escaped to Mexico and has not been arrested to this day. Mexico is a strange country. He killed a Mexican citizen,only 16 years old. Still,they protect him from bad, death penalty, USA.
Turns out this guy MIGHT have lived in a house down my street. The quick slice of view of the home looked very familiar even if 10 years ago. Same color,same tiny 2 bedroom look. All the tiny front yard was cemented over. They did that thing where they cropped out the surrounding homes...but it looked very much like the "Small bungalow in Hayward where the killer lived"..down my street.
Now you and Hayward PD know why I am the PD's biggest fan...and caller.

Also- I lock things like I never locked before..