Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oakland Museum Weather records bogus. Have been for years.

I know the kook who (or did) install that Oakland Museum Weather data device that can't get anything right. Yeah,Ive been around.
No way in hell Oakland was 91 today April 6th. I bet there isn't a single other weather certified device- they kind you pay $500 for and get your name on Weather Underground- Roberta Roberts reports.
I was in Oakland today,no 90's nothing over 85 I bet. The south bay where I returned? 87f was as hot as it got. Oakland 91? bullshit and BAD SCIENCE by the Oakland Museum to keep having "highs" I notice 5f  OR MORE above what it really was.
Hey- local media,you want an interesting story? Look into all the high records Oakland suddenly had a huge jump from 1998 to now (or so)-when records were moved from the Airport to the OMuseum.
Oh yeah- and the number of "record low cold day" in winter. BS.

And who knew Oakland was warmer then San Jose? Oh, THE OAKLAND MUSEUM does.