Monday, April 4, 2016

oh no,PAPA is doing Giants pre and postgame? Comcasts scatalogical dead zone.

That means,all  Papa all day on Comcast? HE was the best they can find??? Christ haven't we heard enough of the guy's same view,same take?  At least this is MY BLOG,I can repeat myself all day if I want..but the Warrior and Giant pregame?
Papa must suck up like big time to Baer and Griggs. He must love them more then his own family. They,in turn love that feeling to respond.

Amazing in this,the great bay area..Sport assholes like Larry Baer and Ted Griggs force company shills on us - THE SAME ONES over and over,season to season.

Yeah- Papa creates big ratings for the Warriors. Its all him.

 His Adolph Hitler looks brings the ladies?

Interesting that there is a natural law at work here. Like the big tree that makes all under it wither and stops any new growth- sprouts- of different tree's and shrubs?   Papa and Radnich just suck all the life out of where they talents wither away never getting a chance to get a slice of sunlight. Where Papa and Radnich go..its always the same old thing. Darkness instead of change.
Larry Kruger? he's the crabgrass of local sports..