Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince learned..its not the Opium that kills you,its the Tylenol mixed in it. Liver killer...

Painkillers don't kill as much as the acetaminophen put in it. IF Prince was guzzling 20 pills a day...that's like taking 20  500mg tablets of Tylenol,day after day after day...  That will poison you.

He should have been like Rush Limbaugh and taken Oxycontin...that is pure opiads. Other then being addicted to that powerful drug..your liver I think is safe.

Damn,I outlived Prince and Michael Jackson. I NEVER would have thought all those years ago. Reading Michael slept in a chamber of pure air...Prince was fussy about his diet and only healthy foods. I there I am eating KFC and burritos.
I guess not drinking or smoking really is good for you. I am living proof.