Friday, April 8, 2016

Radnich bravely asks staff "If I ever yelled at them?". Staff bravely says no.

He's hard to understand with his new sickness. But did he say he got a SECOND ticket for not having a front license plate? like he never learns.

I heard him abuse Pamela...doesn't matter if she likes it. Like his "touching phase",just because they didn't complain-- he's on air. Shtick doesn't take over for working rights.

Its a news show. He wants to spray her face with seltzer?- do an entertainment show. She wants to keep smiling as he does that? Let her then.

ps,He left out Diane Tuazon,Kate Scott,and why Brittney wants nothing to do with him on air. I could name a few more who didn't get his news shtick and it cost them jobs,income and affected lives. Why they have workplace rules.