Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Robin Winston HIT Anny Hong? THATS LOW Robin. Man,KRON is dangerous.

When you hit a pregnant woman for some probably stupid petty argument-- How do you even still have a job?
At KRON anything goes.

Manimal Gary Radnich willing to flush anybody down a toilet to keep his job. A job of sports director when not only does he not go to games...He's now bragging on KRON how he couldn't care less if the Giants won!

  Yesterday he said- and yeah I know it was scripted already- "Grant,I have a family,I'm old,I don't care to tweet about Johny Cueto". Yeah,sounds mature..only most older men who feel that way aren't paid to do sports-LOL. Radnich,doing the usual contrarian act. Its old,obvious and fake.

Like him.