Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Robin Winston MIA...Gary Radnich continues decades of abusing Pamela Moore.

Robin Winston must have gone racial...its the only thing I can think of that gets the weak HR of KRON to do anything. Radnich has gotten away with murder in how he talks down to lead anchor Moore,live on air. HR does almost nothing since she must also cover for him.

She must feel her and Radnich have a co dependent life and career..because he has told her on air the last few weeks she's phony and not even 3rd best anchor in the bay area. That's abuse. KRON lets him just wail on her per his mood.

She just smiles. Its all she ever does as he walks on her -then wipes his feet on her as Radnich goes to his beloved car in the night.

When Radnich was groping female anchors? He only had to attend a HR class.

When he was gone I still watched KRON..I can't see where he any longer is a ratings boost.

And whats the thing with his voice at 8:45? Twice now..is he doing some speaking job in between newscasts? The Sports Director who never goes to any sports games- has time for paid speaking to groups?  What the hell is that?

Everyday he's a little nuttier than the day before.

p.s. If he's like that to her on TV to thousands with no shame..I wonder how he is to his wife?..sure,he changes. Just like that.