Monday, April 11, 2016

Speaking of Asian's being Asian host being hired on radio either. No live 105 or KGO or...

The way it usually is..when a TV personality is out of TV..they go to radio sometimes.  All I hear being hired are the usual. The connected who are NOT Asian or Latino.  Like the bay area is New York,northeast...North Dakota.  All places that slam doors to those sometimes even living there.

I just think that about a year after the OTHER blog complained about Asian's and blacks-(boy he changed his tune on BLACK WOMAN just like that) being hired to the detriment of the usual cry baby's in power....and the racist posts of his readers, we see that long slow build up of Asian faces on TV,now start to disappear. He has his finger on the pulse of racist I guess.

Latinos? Oh man,like they have NO inside power in media. No Latino world conspiracy theory's to dominate media- lol.  They wish!