Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sportwriters/Hosts do every variation of who's the Warriors glue. Morons.

There is only ONE.  Its not Draymond Green, Papa man. Its not Bogut,its not Klay...the Warriors are Curry.  Not Lacob,not West or Meyers.  Its all Curry.  Only one player on that team could go down and that would make the Warriors another team going nowhere. Curry.

Lacob and West and Meyers could die from eating poison Fugu tonight..and the Warriors dont miss a beat. Its all about the Curry.

They might need to think of things to fill columns to kill time..and its just worthless fluff.

 Put Curry on OKC..OKC is champion.  Same for Cleveland.  San Antonio. Name another good NBA team...Curry makes them a championship level team. NO other Warrior would make that difference for any NBA team. Put Curry on Houston- H town beats G.S.

Its Curry..and other Warriors better not forget it. It ain't Kerr as we know that's 73-9.

Its Curry.